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Central Locking

Most modern vehicle already come with central locking. This can be commanded by either your car alarm or by a remote central locking module (keyless entry system).

Some vehicles require additional parts; for example some cars have switch on the drivers door which will lock all doors apart from the drivers door. If this is the case then you may require a motor to be installed in the drivers door for full remote locking.

If your car does not have central locking then I can normally retro fit it for you.

I will advise you of any parts required prior to the job.

Keyless Entry Systems

Dynamco KE11

KE11 Remote
The Cyclops KE11 Kit includes 2 simple yet rugged remotes with separate lock and unlock button which can also be programmed for trunk release where required.

The KE11 will flash the Hazard lights as visual confirmation when the vehicle is locked or unlocked and comes with a red dash mounted LED which acts as a visual deterrent when locked.

Total closure (window closure option)

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Viper 412V

Viper 412v Remote
The Viper 412V comes with two multi function remote controls and a heap of options.

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Viper PKE 2102V

Viper 4 button Remote
Passive Keyless Entry simply locks and unlocks your car as you go in and out of range. Can be used as a stand alone system or wired up to selected Viper alarm systems.

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Window Closure

I have a range of systems that can open and closure your car windows or fold your mirrors in from the remote control.

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Remote Boot Pop

Trunk release Remote boot pop actuators allow your boot to be opened remotely.

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Door Motors

Door Motor

Often required on Pre-1998 Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and others...


GT350 with central locking installed

A very professional job which included the fitment of central locking, a complete service which I can highly recommend.