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Car Alarm Remotes

The following car alarm remote controls are all available as replacements. All remote controls come with a 12 month warranty.

Have a read of my replacement remote guide which covers all you need to know about getting a replacement.

Remote Pricing

Pricing does not include packaging and courier $5.00 anywhere in NZ (Does not include RD postcodes).

Note: I do not offer international shipping.

Please scan though the images and see if you can identify your one:

Autowatch Keyguard Remote

Autowatch Keyguard remote

Autowatch Peanut Remote

Autowatch Peanut remote

Remote: $100.00

Autowatch 2 Button Peanut Remote

Autowatch 2 Peanut remote

Remote: $100.00

Autowatch 4 Button Remote

Autowatch 4 Button Remote

Remote: $100.00

Autowatch 2 Button Remote

Autowatch 2 Button Remote

Remote: $100.00
Remote Case: $30.00

Autowatch Coffin Remote

Autowatch Coffin

Replaced by Peanut Remote

Autowatch 4 Button Remote (Old)

Autowatch 4 Button Remote (Old)

Replaced by 4 Button Remote

Autowatch 573PPi Transponder Tag

Autowatch Transponder tag

Tag: $50.00

AVS Waterproof Remote

AVS Waterproof remote

RRP: $99.00

AVS Torch Remote

AVS Torch remote

Replaced by AVS Waterproof Remote

RRP: $99.00

AVS 3010 Waterproof

AVS 3010 Waterproof remote

RRP: $99.00

AVS Anniversary Remote

AVS Anniversary Remote

Use waterproof remote

AVS Surfboard Remote

AVS Surfboard remote

RRP: $99.00

AVS 303Mhz 5000 Remote

AVS 303Mhz 5000 remote

AVS 3000 Remote

AVS 3000 remote

Cobra 4T8722-B7

Cobra AK4198 remote

Remote: $110.00

Cobra G Series Remote

Cobra AKG198 remote

Remote: $110.00

Cobra AT-7777

Cobra 7777 remote

Remote: $95.00
Remote Case: $20.00
Replacement Dongle: $5.00

Cobra Touch Key

Cobra Touch Key


Dynatron TX-71 Remote

Dynatron TX-71 remote

No longer available. Replaced with TX-111

Dynatron TX-111 Remote

Dynatron TX-111 remote

RRP: $85.00

Dynatron TX-90

Dynatron TX-90 remote

RRP: $95.00

Dynatron TX-11 (Green LED)

TX-11 Green

Replaced by Dynatron TX-111 Remote
Replacement Case $25.00

Dynatron TX-11 (Blue LED)

Dynatron TX-11 Blue 	remote

Replaced by Dynatron TX-90 Remote
Replacement Case $25.00

Dynatron D2200 Transponder Tag

Dynatron D2200 Transponder fob

RRP: $50.00

Dynatron KE-11 Remote

Dynatron KE-11 (TX-90) 		remote

$RRP: $85.00

Mongoose MRC63 Blue

	M60 3 Button Blue remote

RRP: $90.00

Mongoose MRC63 Green

Mongoose 	M60 3 Button Green remote

RRP: $90.00

Mongoose MRC83 Red

Mongoose M80 3 Button Red remote

RRP: $90.00

Mongoose MRC83 Green

Mongoose M80 3 Button Green remote

RRP: $90.00

Mongoose MRC60 Remote

Mongoose MRC60

RRP: $90.00

Mongoose MRC60 - Old Design

Mongoose MRC60 (old) remote

Replaced with MRC60

Mongoose MRC70 Remote

Mongoose MRC70 remote

Mongoose MRC80 Remote

Mongoose MRC80 remote

RRP: $90.00

Mongoose MRC20 Remote

Mongoose MRC20 remote

Replaced by MRC200W

Mongoose MRC200W (Waterproof Remote)

Mongoose Waterproof Remote

RRP: $90.00

Mongoose Transponder

Mongoose M25 Transponder

RRP: $50.00

Mongoose M30 Remote

Mongoose M30 remote

Replace System (no longer supported)

Mongoose MRC200 (Old) Remote

Mongoose MRC200 (old) remote

Replaced by MRC200W

Mongoose MRC750 Remote

Mongoose MRC750 Remote

Mongoose MRC1202 Remote

Mongoose MRC1202 remote

RRP: $90.00

Mongoose MRC1202 (Old) Remote

Mongoose MRC1202 (Old) remote

Mongoose Old M20 Remote

Mongoose M20 (V-old) remote

Replaced by MRC200W

Steal Shield SS300 Remote (Old)

SS300 remote

Replaced with SS300 (New)

Steal Shield New SS300 Remote

New SS300 remote

RRP: $90.00

Steal Shield SS440 Kidney Remote

StealShield SS440 Kidney remote

RRP: Out of Stock

Steal Shield New SS440 Remote

New SS440 Remote

RRP: Out of Stock

Steal Shield SS450 Remote

SS450 remote

Ultra Start 450 Series alternative

RRP: $85.00

Ultra Start 450 Series Remote

Ultra 450 remote

Works with SS450 and has better battery life

RRP: $80.00

Viper 473V

Viper 473v Remote

RRP: $95.00

Viper 474V

Viper 474v Remote

RRP: $95.00

Viper 7145V

Viper 7145v Remote

RRP: $95.00

Viper 7345V

Viper 7345v Remote

RRP: $199.00

Viper 7141V

Viper 7141v Remote

RRP: $95.00

Viper 7656V

Viper 7656 Remote

RRP: $95.00

Viper 7856 Two Way LED Remote

Viper 7856v Remote

RRP: $139.00

Viper 7756 Two Way LED Remote

Viper 7756v Remote

RRP: $219.00

Viper 7153V

Viper 7153 Remote

RRP: $99.00

Viper 7944V Two Way OLCD Remote

Viper 7944v Remote

RRP: $369.00

Viper Passive KEyless Entry Remote

Viper PKE Remote

RRP: $90.00

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More Remotes

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