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Viper Remote Start Security

Viper is the world's best selling vehicle security and remote start brand.

Remote Engine Start FAQ

Viper SmartStart Got a question about Remote Engine Start systems?

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5606V Remote Start Alarm

Viper 5606V One Way Remote Start

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5806V Remote Start Alarm

Viper 5806V Two Way Remote Start
Two Way LED Remote.

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5706V Remote Start Alarm

Viper 5706V Two Way Remote Start
Two Way Liquid-Crystal-Display Remote.

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5906V Remote Start Alarm

Viper 5906V Two Way Remote Start
Two Way Colour OLCD Remote.

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Vipertraq VSQ500 Control, locate and start* your car from virtually anywhere with your Smartphone.

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Viper Accessories

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Accessorise your Viper with the following:

Viper 516U & 516L Voice Sirens

Viper Talking Siren
Want your car alarm to talk? The 516L even supports custom messages and has a buit in PA!

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2102V Passive Keyless Entry

Viper Talking Siren
The 2102V PKE Simply locks and unlocks your car as you go in and out of range.

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535T Window Closure Module

Viper Automated Window Closure
Turn your windows into a one touch system. The 535T can roll two windows up and down or all 4 windows up.

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Viper alarms NZ


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Viper Car Alarms

Viper 3105V Click here to see the viper range of alarms.

Viper Remotes

The following are available for viper remote start systems. For a full list of Viper remote contols visit the Viper alarm page

7656V One Way Remote

Viper 7656V Remote

Current remote for 3606V

Battery #CR2016 (x2)

7856V Two Way LED Remote

Viper 7856V Remote

Two Way LED remote for 5806V Remote Start Alarm
Optional remote for 3606V

Battery #CR2016 (x2)

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Viper 7756V Remote

Two Way LED remote for 5706V Remote Start Alarm
Optional remote for 3606V

Battery #Recharge Via Micro USB

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Viper 7944V Remote

Remote for 5906V

Battery #Recharge Via Mini USB

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