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Not all bike alarms are equal, in fact some are so bad that I refuse to install them!

Hopefully the reviews will help you to help guide you to spend your cash wisely and avoid some of the misleading sales spin out there!

Spyball 6829

Spyball 6829

Thatcham CAT MC1

Compact alarm/Immobiliser, Battery Back-up siren, Tilt Sensor, Low current draw.

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3121V Powersports Alarm

Viper 3121V Motorbike, Jetski or small machine alarm.

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Autowatch 500 RLi

Autowatch 500RLi

Alarm Immobiliser

Compact alarm/Immobiliser, 109 dB siren,

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Mongoose MCA500

Mongoose MCA500

Alarm/Remote Start

Remote Start, siren,

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Other Motorcycle Alarms

Motorcycle GPS Tracking

motorcycle GPS tracking

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