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Your Guide

Find out the most effective ways to secure your car.

If you're serious about securing your vehicle then read this guide before phoning around for the cheapest price...

Know How Your Alarm Works

Don't get stranded if you lose your remote. All alarms have an emergency over-ride so make sure you know how to use your one. It could save you from some serious hassle!

This post explains what you need to know...

NZSA star ratings?

Did you know that the NZSA Star rating system is null and void as of 1st April 2012?

I suggest talking to your Insurance company as well as having a good read of what has happend to the 5 Star alarm rating system...

Which Car Alarm is the best?

This depends on what vehicle you have and how much protection you require. Being independent I can give you honest advice.

Read our Car Alarm reviews from the Vehicle Security Blog...

Car Alarm need a service?

Having your alarm serviced could save you some major expense. Plus they tend to be more effective and reliable when fully functional!

Book your alarm service today...

Need a replacement remote?

I can provide replacement remotes for many alarm systems including some old obsolete models, if not I may be able to repair your existing remote.

See if your remote is one I can replace!!!

Car Alarm issues?

Are you having problems with your car alarm?

Here are the most common issues:

Flat battery? Over 80% of alarm issues I come across are due to the vehicles battery being flat. Low voltage = Alarm/Immobilser issues so check your battery before making that phone call.

False Alarm? Poorly fitted bonnet pin switches and over sensitive shock sensors tend to be the usual culprits.

Check out the Trouble Shooting section of the Obsessive Blog for more advice or get in contact with me.

Alarm purchased elsewhere?

Let me explain why I only install security systems that I supply and why you'd be a fool to purchase one without installation....


Technical Support?

I love beer, if you are one of the many who send me emails for technical help then an IPA would go down well...