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Cobra by Vodafone Automotive

Vodafone Automotive (Formally Cobra) should be your first choice if you want a quality security system.

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AK4615 CAN-BUS/Upgrade Alarm

Cobra AK4615

Thatcham CAT 2 to 1

Can be configured as either a CAN-BUS alarm or a PLIP Upgrade alarm.

Wireless Digital Battery Back-up siren, Ultrasonics, Cobra remote option.

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AK4138 Remote Alarm/Immobiliser

Cobra AK4138

Thatcham CAT 1

Modular alarm/Immobiliser, Digital Battery Back-up siren, Ultrasonics, plenty of options

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AK4698 Upgrade Remote Alarm

Cobra AK4698

Thatcham CAT 2 to 1

Modular alarm, Wireless Battery Back-up siren, Ultrasonics, plenty of options

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AB3868 PLIP Upgrade Alarm

Cobra AB3868

Thatcham CAT 2 to 1

Upgrade alarm for vehicles with existing keyless entry. Ultrasonics

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AK4218 Toyota Upgrade Alarm

Cobra AK4218

Made For Toyota

Made for most post 2000 Toyota models. The ultimate Toyota Upgrade Alarm

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AC8510 Touch Key Immobiliser

Cobra AC8510

Thatcham CAT 2

Touch Key Immobiliser, Secure Metal Housing.

No Batteries to worry about.

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8509 Data Immobiliser

Cobra 8509

Compatible Cobra Alarms

Can be added to AK4138, AK4198, AK4698, AK4218, AK4615 for added security

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Cobra 4310 Siren

Cobra 4310 Siren

Bloody Loud & Water Proof!!!

Can be added to AK4138, AK4698, AK4615, AK4218, for internal or external protection

Check out the Obsessive siren test!

Cobra ADR Card - Automatic Driver Recognition

Cobra Drivers Card

Designed to protect against theft with your car keys!

Can be added to AK4138, AK4698, AK4147, AK4615 for added security

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5462 Microwave Sensor

Cobra 5462 Proximity Sensor

Designed for convertable vehicles where ultrasonics are not suitable

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More Security Systems

Pin Code Over-Ride

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Cobra Remotes

Two Button Padlock Remote

Cobra AK4198 remote

Remote for AK4138, AK4198, AK4147, AKG198 and optional remote for the AK4698 and AK4615

Part # 4T-8722B7
Battery # CR2032

Three Button Remote

Cobra AK4615 remote

Remote for AK4615, AK4147

Part # 4T-8723B2
Battery # CR2032

G Series Remote

Cobra AKG198 remote

Standard remote for the AK4698. Can be used on AK4198, AK4147 & AKG198.

Two Button Padlock Remote is alterative option

Battery # CR2032

4T-7777 Remote

Cobra 7777 - Black 2 Button Remote

Works with AB7928, AK3198 & AK3193

Battery # CR2032

7777 Remote in Detail...

Touch Key

Cobra Touch Key

Works with AC8510 Immobiliser and AB7928 Alarm

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Cobra Accessories

Tilt Sensor

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