Window Closure Options

5 Series Alarm installation

One of the great things with the Cobra AK4198 and 4138 is how versatile they are. It can be programmed for Instant window closure (as shown in the video below) or controlled closure. With controlled closure you keep the lock button on the remote pressed to wind the windows up, so if you only want to half close them then you simply let go of the lock button before they are fully closed.

With some European cars, such as Volkswagen and BMW it is possible to add remote window closure for no extra cost as the car already has full closure built into the electrics. The BMW 5 Series (E39) I worked on today is a good example. The alarm can even close the sunroof.

The other cool thing with late model BMW’s is that I know how to tap into the factory rear-view mirror LED which normally flashes with the BMW factory option alarm. Of course not all BMW’s have this option so it’s a great touch to get that O/E look. I first worked this trick out on a 3 Series (E46) about two years ago.

The video below shows the LED and some questionable fluffy dice!

Note: the LED is better seen at night, but I had to return the car!

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2 Responses to Window Closure Options

  1. Cameron Bayliss says:

    Hello I’m wanting to purchase the Am2980 window module for my 4138 cobra alarm. are you able to supply this ?

    Regards Cam Bayliss

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Cam,

    Yes I can add a window closure module to your AK4138, however I’ll need to know what car it is for and your location. Flick me an email with your details rather then posting them in public.

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