Why I can’t make recommendations if you live outside Wellington

Wellington is not in Auckland

I only cover the Wellington region!

I get a huge number of inquiries from people outside of Wellington. Mainly asking what systems are the most suitable for their vehicle or which installers I recommend in their area.

Sadly what advice I give may not be relevant to you if the product I suggest is not available where you are located. It’s also worth noting that I only supply systems with installation so don’t ask me to supply you with one unless I’m doing the install.

My viewpoint is that if your local installer is competent then they should already have an account with the product supplier and have a good knowledge of how it works. I also highly recommend that you deal with the same person, or company to both supply and install your security system. This protects you in the event of a warranty claim.

What I Do Recommend

If you are after one of the brands I have available then you can contact the manufacturer or importer, they should be able to point you in the right direction. The Link page of the website has all the details.

Technical Questions?

The website offers lots of free information, however, you need to respect my time and understand that I’m running a business and need to get paid. If you really are stuck then send me some beer and we can talk.

Finally, if I have just sent you this post as an email reply then please don’t take offense. I’m simply trying to make my workload more efficient and this is an effort to save time for both you and myself. If you are considering a trip to Wellington then let me know.

Thanks, Julian


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