What Qualifications Do NZSA Installers Have?

NZSA Installer Qualifications

Time to question the current standards?

UPDATE: As of the 1st April 2012 the NZSA have stopped representing vehicle security standards. I can only assume that the questions I have asked in such a public manner were too difficult for them to honestly respond to. With the extortion racket exposed for what it really is the NZSA have crawled under the nearest rock and are in denial that it ever happened

This post remains here for historic reasons 🙂 (27/4/2012)

NZSA Installer Qualifications

So what is actually required to become an NZSA registered installer?

Let’s start off with what is claimed on the NZSA website: We even test and register the installers to make sure your security system is fitted correctly.”

It all looks very professional to an unknowing eye. So let’s start off with the test.

Here is my personal experience:

Just over two years ago I applied to become an NZSA member. I was then sent out an exam paper which stated that I had 30 minutes to complete it.

Exam Paper Muppetry!

Despite stating that the test should be completed in 30 minutes the covering letter stated that the test and payment should be returned within 6 months! WTF?

In other words, you can take as long as you want to do the exam. If you’re intellectually challenged then there is nothing stopping you from passing it on for someone else to fill in for you!

Having said that, the paper is easy as it is accompanied by a book explaining what good installation practices are. (even if somewhat out of date, but so too is the exam paper!) The book hints in an obvious way to what your multiple choice answers should be! Anyone with half a brain would be able to pass it, even those without any electrical or automotive knowledge!

I could go on but I think I have already made my point quite clear.

NZSA Standards for installers are nothing short of PATHETIC! I will be raising this point when I am finally invited to an NZSA Vehicle Security special interest meeting.

Who else has a vote of no confidence?


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19 Responses to What Qualifications Do NZSA Installers Have?

  1. Avatar Rick says:

    I thought NZ had moved on from this kind of low standard of approval nonsense. Are we still in the 80s? I’m glad to see someone is giving the NZSA a provervial slap in the face to try and wake them up. I really don’t appreciate it when an installer claims to be approved (and actually are) and yet still turns out to be a cowboy. Not cool guys. I vote Julian as head muppet buster on this one. He just needs a ghostbusters style logo (with a muppet) to header stories like this. 😀

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Thanks Rick,

    Muppet Busting!

    That’s inspired!

  3. That is just ridiculous! How could they have devised what is supposed to be helpful in security to be as lenient as that? I think that when security is concerned, it has to be handled with utmost sturdy policies and stern guidelines. Is it because they want everyone to pass the test? Why make one in the first place?

  4. Avatar Julian says:

    Maybe by making the test easy to pass the NZSA gets more money? After all there is an annual membership fee!

    I am of the opinion that the Vehicle Security section of the NZSA is designed to market certain brands (Mongoose, AVS etc).

    They can’t sell them outside of AUS/NZ because they don’t meet international standards.

  5. Avatar sceptical says:

    Firstly I find it unprofessional that you use your business site to slander another company.
    Secondly have you voiced your concerns privately with NZSA before public-ally attacking?

  6. Avatar Julian says:

    Hi Sceptical,

    Thanks for expressing your opinion, I feel your use of the word slander is a tad strong. Personally I view it as a call to be transparent and accountable and I believe I am acting in the interests of both my customers and the public.

    I have sent plenty of emails to the NZSA expressing my concerns in the past. Sadly I seldom get a response from them and when I do it seems no action is ever taken. Hence the call for accountability.

    Would you prefer me to bury my head in the sand and pretend that there is no problem?

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  8. Avatar Rick says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but a “security association” is an overseeing organisation and not a company for profit (e.g. it’s website is a .org.nz and not a .co.nz). It should be able to accept criticism (it is not slander as ‘sceptical’ so erroneously put it) about the way it works (even from a commerical company – which this blog is not) and the procedures it oversees without viewing it a commerical sideswipe.

    Perhaps a little less defensiveness and little more consideration of the problem is in order.

    If galvanizing interest in the problem on a public forum works when private communication doesn’t then so be it.

  9. Avatar Rick says:

    Here is an intersing quote from the Thatcham website which is relevant to this topic:

    “Thatcham engineers continuously analyse theft methods and new theft techniques used to break into or steal vehicles. This enables us to update the Security Criteria to combat new theft techniques. We use this information to keep vehicle manufacturers updated on new attack methods, enabling them to improve on potential weak points in a vehicle’s security design.”

    Now this is what a security overseer should do – not ahering to obsolete standards that maybe worked 20 years ago.

    We need an equivalant of this in NZ. If the NZSA are not interested in this type of pro-active approach then we need an organization that is.

  10. Avatar Julian says:

    Well put Rick.

    The bottom line is that if “sceptical” does not like my level of professionalism, then they have the right not to use my services.

    I’m really busy right now so guess I must be doing something right.

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  18. Avatar obsessed says:

    Post now updated to reflect that the NZSA no longer represent vehicle security standards> Or should that read “no longer have their extortion racket in place?”

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