What is with the Clip Art Cars?

Now I’ve never really been into my Bling, but I have noticed a recent trend from  some alarm suppliers to have a cartoon car with stupidly large wheels promoting their websites.

AVS started the trend some time ago with what looks like a pimped up Ford Falcon Ute (If it is a Holden then I am genuinely sorry as I don’t want to cause any offense to the Bogans out there!)

I assume that this image works well for AVS as they seem to attract young car owners.  Most cartoons attract children so the “cool factor” should  go down well with the Kids.

Lets all jump on the Band Wagon!

I guess that Mongoose want a slice of that AVS cool factor as they have recently unleashed their own Blinged up Toyota RAV4.

With all the trend setting going on I felt that I maybe missing out on some of the action so decided that I should have a go at creating a cool Clip art car of my own.

Given that super sizing your wheels to a virtually impossible size stuffs up the cars handling, I felt that I may as well start off with something that handled like a piece of crap already, so What better than a Lada Riva?

The Obsessively Crap LADA Clip Art Car!


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