VW Scirocco Upgrade Alarm

When it comes to CAN-BUS alarms I really do love working on German cars.

Today I installed a Cobra AK4615 into a Volkswagen Scirocco. My favourite part of the job handing the keys back to the customer and explaining just foolproof the alarm is.

The Cobra knows if the windows are left open and will chirp to warn you that the car is not fully closed when you go to lock it.

Smart CAN-BUS Software

It also turns off the Ultrasonic movement sensors to avoid a false alarm. If you want to close the windows then factory remote will allow you to simply by holding the lock button down. You can also open them but holding the unlock button.

Scirocco in for an Obsessive Alarm Install

Scirocco in for an Obsessive Alarm Install

Then there is the remote boot pop. It simply disarms the alarm and then the alarm re-arms itself when you close the boot so you don’t need to press the remote again.

It does so much but is so simple that is brilliant.

VW Scirocco Alarm

The install is super clean, with a hidden siren and factory bonnet switch which is detected by the CAN-BUS the engine bay looks exactly the same after the installation as it did beforehand. I also wired up the horn so with the shrill Cobra battery back-up siren in combination is it super loud.

Here are a couple of photos of the install:

VW Scirocco Alarm Movement Sensors

VW Scirocco Alarm – Black Ultrasonics look tidy and work flawlessly

Cobra LED is a clean fit with the light switches


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