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New Window Stickers

A small part of me died today when I opened up a Cobra AK4615 to find “Vodafone Automotive Alarm System” window stickers instead of the old Cobra decals.

I’d been hoping this day would never come as I’m not convinced that my customers would be happy about having Vodafone stickers on their cars.

Having said that I have been stockpiling the old stickers so they are still an option.

For those who don’t know, Vodafone purchased Cobra back in 2014 as explained here…

It would be interesting to see how some of you feel about the re-branding as I could be wrong! Feel welcome to share your thoughts.

Other Stickers an Option

Cobra alarm stickers

The Old Cobra Logo

You can always opt for some Obsessive Vehicle Security stickers or some retro Cobra logos as shown here…




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2 Responses to Vodafone Automotive Window Stickers

  1. Avatar Rick says:

    I think it’s a big mistake on Vodafone’s part to do away with the Cobra brand (if that’s what they’ve done). I don’t really have an issue with them owning Cobra but what on earth makes them think the Vodafone brand carries more weight than Cobra in the car security world? Or is it just narcissism? It most definiately cheapens a trusted name.

    What if it was someone like Microsoft did that? Their method of security would be that no theives could get near your car because they’d die of laughter before they could reach it. I imagine that kind of happens already when people have certain low-quality alarm brand stickers on their car.

    Of course you can just have the Obsessive sticker and not bother with the alarm branding at all.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    I agree with you, I’ve had enough bad experiences with Vodafone NZ customer support, like being on hold for hours, or having to listen to the awful recording of the woman who never stops talking to activate a SIM card, followed by the SMS bombardment which is basically the Vodafone spam machine in full swing.

    I wish they’d compromised and stolen this idea from me:

    Vodafone Snake

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