Vodafone Automotive Installation

A good Vodafone Automotive Installation involves much more than just the alarm and an installer.

These days it’s vital to have access to technical support, vehicle specific information, the latest firmware and custom parts to make the installation top notch.

The current range of alarms requires the correct firmware to be programmed before installation. This is done by plugging the alarm into a laptop. The Andromeda programmer is used to select the vehicle and customise the settings.

Andromeda Programming tool

Who has access to Andromeda?

In New Zealand only approved Vodafone Automotive installers have access to the firmware. Some firmware is customised for the NZ fleet and not available elsewhere. Without the firmware, the alarm is useless as it will not communicate with the vehicle correctly.

A full list of vehicles can be found here…

Competent Installation

Understanding how the system works makes a big difference in how it is installed.

I often get involved in mapping the CAN-BUS data when a new vehicle becomes available. This is then sent to Vodafone Automotive in Italy so that new firmware can be written. Once the firmware is ready there is then a testing procedure to be carried out make sure everything works as intended.

Vodafone Automotive Installation Parts

Alarm installation accessories

It’s not just the firmware that needs to be customised. There are a number of alarm parts available to make the alarm fit in the vehicle nicely. These do not come in the box but are required for a professional standard installation.

Custom bonnet switches and brackets are often required for a clean installation. These allow for a tidy fit without drilling any unnecessary holes.

Rattle Free Installation

Cobra alarm mounting bracket.

Alarm brackets are great for mounting the ECU with a bolt so that it will look like a factory part. It’s also much nicer than using a zip tie or some double-sided tape.

Vodafone Automotive Installation. Professional Standard.

Alarm Registration Form

Once the installation is complete the alarm is registered so that there is a record of the vehicle. This way if support is required in the future it is on the system.

Without a record of the PIN number, programming new remote controls would not be possible. The alarm then becomes useless so it’s the responsible thing to do. Without this service, the alarm could end up as junk which is not cool.

Full Range and Replacement Part Available

I stock the full range of alarms and keep replacement parts such as remote controls for all Vodafone Automotive alarms which I have installed.

You can find the full list of Approved Cobra Alarm dealers here…



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