Viper SmartStart GPS VSM250i

Update July 2019:

SmartStart is no longer supported in New Zealand and Australia. It has now been replaced with the Vipertraq VSQ500. Viper NZ has an upgrade program to help replace any old units. Details can be found here…

Viper Product Range

Viper Product Range

SmartStart from Viper is a Smartphone operated security system that keeps you connected to your car.

Vipers SmartStart GPS system can be installed as a stand-alone system or can be added to your remote start system to turning your smartphone into a remote control for it.  It also works with selected Viper alarms which are SmartStart ready via either the ESP2 Port or D2d, such as the 3606V.

It must be noted that you’ll need a remote start system added to have be able to start your car with your phone, but most of the other features are still available if the system is installed on its own, or with a supported Viper alarm.

How does SmartStart work?

First off you’ll need a Smart Phone. You can download the app for free and have a play with it in demo mode to get a good feel for how it works.

Because it’s an app-based system feature updates are easy to get.

SmartStart is supported by all the major smartphone operating systems:


Get SmartStart installed

Pricing: NZ$449.00, plus installation which is typically about $150.00, but this will vary depending on which vehicle and requirements you have.

There is also an annual running cost, between AUS $69.00 to AUS $129.00 (Plans covered below).

Due to the fact that Viper is imported via Australia and the lack of population here in New Zealand we are getting treated as the 7th State, hence why running costs are in Australian dollars.


SmartStart can pretty much do anything that your Viper alarm remote can. Lock/Unlock your car, control Auxiliary outputs such as window closure, and trunk release as well as giving you the option of GPS Tracking.

I have one installed on the Obsessive Wagon so let me know if you’d like a live demo. No Remote Start hooked up on this one as I have a Cobra AK4615 alarm installed that does not support this feature, but it will arm/disarm with the Smartstart and alert me if the alarm is triggered.

SmartStart Annual Pricing plans.

Note: All annual plans are priced are in Australian dollars.

Secure AUS $69.00

[expand title=”SmartPark”]Don’t forget where you’ve parked ever again!smartpark-phone

Smart Park provides an easy way to locate your parked car.

When you lock the car with your smartphone the cars location is stored. You also have the option to take a photo or make a note at this time so you’ll know what level of the multi story park you have parked on.

SmartPark will then give you directions back to your car should your forget where you have parked.



[expand title=”Parking Meter”]Beat the Traffic Wardensparking-meter-phone

No one likes parking tickets! Park Meter helps you to avoid getting a nasty fine.

Parking Meter provides you with a simple timer that counts down how long you have left on your meter.

Simply set the timer as you put your coins in the meter and you’ll be able to view how long you have left before risking a parking ticket.



[expand title=”Remote Start”]Start your car from anywheremain-phone

If you have a Viper Remote Start System installed as well then you have full control over your vehicle.

Simply press the Smart Start button on the home page of the app and let your car warm up in the winter, or cool down in the summer.

Smart Start allows you to start your car form virtually anywhere with a cell phone signal.

The ultimate two way remote control!



[expand title=”Lock”]main-phoneIs my car locked?

Lock your car from the apps home page, or arm your Viper alarm if you have one installed.

The SmartStart app also allows you to check the status of your car so you can double check to see if it’s locked or the alarm is armed.

Nothing beats the security of knowing that your vehicle is protected.



unlock [expand title=”Unlock”]main-phoneNeed to Unlock Your Car?

Unlock your car with a simple touch of your phone, or disarm your alarm if you have one installed.

If you want to unlock your car to allow someone without a remote access then you can simply unlock it with your phone, no matter where you happen to be.

This feature also allows you access to your car when you’ve misplaced your keys.




[expand title=”Open Boot/Trunk”]main-phoneOpen your boot with your phone

Think twice before you do this!

Don’t open your boot if no one is by the car to shut it again!

Fortunately SmartStart asks you “Are you are sure you want to open the trunk?”

It’s a cool feature but it’s not really a toy to play with on this occasion!



[expand title=”Panic”]Set your alarm off!
SmartStart for Android
Will activate the vehicles horn on stand alone units, or panic your Viper alarm if installed.

Panic can be activated from the apps home screen, or turned off again by pressing the icon a second time

When Your alarm is triggered you’ll receive an email notification so you’ll be able to take action.

You can view the status of your SmartStart at any time.



[expand title=”Multi-Car Operation”]

multi-car-phoneControl Multiple Vehicles

Have more then one car?

Install SmartStart in each one and control them all with the one app.

SmartStart also allows multiple smart phones to control your car, so long as they log in with your unique secure password.

You can also place a PIN number on the open page of the app for added security.



dollar[expand title=”Unlimited Use”]The annual subscription allow for unlimited use without any extra charges[/expand]


Secure GPS AUS $99.00

All the features of the Secure Plan Plus:

locate [expand title=”Vehicle Locate”]


Locate you Vehicle

Know where your vehicle is at all times.

Vehicle Locate shows you the current location of your car.

It also displays the speed and direction it’s heading in if it’s on the move.

GPS Tracking made easy.



[expand title=”Location Sharing”]share-phone

Share Your Cars Location

Use social media and let your friends and family know where you have parked up.

If they have SmartStart paired up on their phones they can even let themselves into the car if you’re not there to open it up for them.

Sharing is good.



[expand title=”Lockdown”]Lock down your vehicle with a movement alert. SmartStart will notify you if your vehicle moves more then 300 meters[/expand]


[expand title=”Speed Alert”]Speed Alert will notify you if your vehicle exceeds your adjustable pre-set speed setting. Keep an eye on others who use your car[/expand]


[expand title=”Low Battery Alert”]Get alerted if your vehicle battery is getting low[/expand]


Secure GPS Premium AUS $129.00

All the features of the Secure GPS Plan Plus:


[expand title=”Scheduling”]schedule-phone

Scheduling allows you to set a Curfew  restrict the Speed Alert and Lockdown features to one pre programmable time frame.

You can also set SmartStart to Remote Start on Minimum and Maximum Temperature  so your vehicle and it’s contents are protected from the extremes

Not really a must have for most of New Zealand but an option just the same.



smartfence[expand title=”Smartfence”]SmartFence creates a GEO-fence around your vehicle and notifies you it it leaves that zone[/expand]


[expand title=”HotSpot”]HotSpot allows you to create a virtual hot zone which you’ll be notified about should the vehicle enter it

Allows you know know if you vehicle goes somewhere where it should not![/expand]


RRP: $449.00 (plus install approx $150.00)
Annual running Costs in AUS $
$69.00 = Secure
$99.00 = Secure GPS
$129.00 = Secure GPS Premium

Obsessive Rating:
One hellish plaything and good security to boot!

Lacks battery back-up but Viper have an optional battery back-up pack which I’ve asked them to import here…




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  1. Avatar Chris Sharp says:

    What is the reason or why do you have to pay an annual fee for the Viper SmartStart GPS VSM250i . what happens if you don’t pay


  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Chris, I’d assume it is to cover data cost and limitless use. I dare say the work on app updates needs paying for too. If you don’t pay then you can not log in to the app and use it..

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