Viper PKE 2102V Passive Keyless Entry System

Viper Product Range

Viper Product Range

The PKE 2102V is a Passive Keyless Entry System that simply locks and unlocks your car doors as the proximity fob goes in and out of range.

It can be used as a stand-alone system or can be hooked up to any Viper alarm that has D2D port to allow for proximity arming. A list of current models is at the end of the post.

Visual and audible locking confirmation

In stand-alone mode, the horn can be hooked up (on selected vehicles) as an option so that it honks upon locking for those wanting audible confirmation. It is not possible to have audible unlock, but then it’s not really needed as you’ll see the hazard lights flash upon getting into range.

When wired up to a Viper alarm chirps can be programmed of on or off on arm/disarm depending on your preference.

Passive Keyless Entry

Viper PKE

Proximity Fob

The proximity Fob does not need to be accessed so can be left in your pocket or a bag for the ultimate in hands-free operation. It also has a button that can forcibly lock/unlock the car or put the system into Valet mode; see the user manual for details.

It only comes with one proximity fob, but a total of 4 can be programmed to work with the system.


The SmartLock feature prevents the doors from unwanted locking/unlocking when moving around the car. The doors will lock the first time the proximity fob goes out of range, then unlock when you go back into range. This then activates the SmartLock feature which can be programmed for a 1, 3 or 5-minute delay (or turned off) before the car locks again. Each time the remote goes in and out of range the timer is reset.


SmartLock will be cancelled if a door is opened and closed, or if a manual lock/unlock command is sent via the keyfob.

Sleep Mode

The PKE will go into sleep mode as soon as the brake pedal is pressed (when all the doors are closed). This prevents the system from locking/unlocking whilst you are driving should the remote drop out of range. It also helps preserve the battery life of the remote. If you do wish to sit in the car without driving I still recommend pressing the brake pedal to put it to sleep. Opening any door will wake the system up again.

Door Open Interlock

The PKE can be programmed not to lock if any of the doors (or boot if wired up) are left open. Great for those times when you are working on the car or unloading it.

Battery Drain

With most factory proximity locking systems, there is a button on the door handle which activates the system when pressed. Some of the flashy systems detect when your hand is behind the door handle. Because of this the car is not constantly searching for the proximity remote.

As the Viper PKE does not have this the system is always active so I do not recommend leaving it on if not using the vehicle on a regular basis. I like to install a switch with my installs that will allow the user to turn it off when the vehicle is left standing for more than a day.

With courier vans, I tend to wire them up so that the system is only active when the ignition is on.

Use a lanyard

I suggest keeping the PKE fob on a lanyard and keeping it with you, as opposed to with the ignition key. This way there is no risk of getting locked out of your vehicle. Although the PKE is designed to be foolproof, something as simple as a faulty door switch could result in you getting locked out of your car. It’s never a good idea to leave your keys in the ignition when you are not in the vehicle!

The Viper PKE Remote Fob

PKE Remote

Viper PKE 2102V

Suggested Retail Price: $370.00

Additional PKETR1 Fobs: $90.00 each

Battery: (x1) CR2032

Works with the following alarms and remote start systems: 

3606V, 5606V, 5706V, 5806V, 5906V.

Obsessive Rating:

Great as a stand-alone keyless entry system. Can also be used in addition to existing factory remote locking.

Being able to work with a Viper alarm system is a great upgrade option.



  • Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
  • Hazard/Parklight output
  • Failsafe® Starter Kill Immobiliser
  • Smart Lock
  • Includes one Proximity Fob


  • Viper Alarm
  • Starter Immobiliser
  • Door Open Interlock * Prevents system from locking whilst a door is left open
  • Double locking

Additional information

PDF icon2102V User Manual


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5 Responses to Viper PKE 2102V Passive Keyless Entry System

  1. Avatar Tony Johnston says:

    Hi There
    We are looking for a system to fit into two new Fuso trucks were the truck will lock automatically if the driver leaves the cab.
    It needs to lock regardless whether the truck is turned off or kept running is one of your systems suitable?
    The truck is 24V but we run a reducer to 12V for other things so 12V is no problem.
    Look forward to hearing from you


  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Tony,

    The PKE will work with the ignition on or off so would work as you need it to.

    If you want any more details then flick me an email rather then making your details publicly viewable.


  3. Avatar Tim says:

    I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado, can this PKE system be integrated with my factory alarm?

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Tim,

    I don’t know as I’ve not worked on a 2011 Silverado and would need to do some tests on the factory alarm to confirm either way. They are not exactly a common vehicle here in NZ.

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