Viper 7856V Remote

Viper Product Range

Viper Product Range

The 7856V is a two way LCD remote by Viper. It looks almost the same as the one way 7656V  remote that comes with the 3606V alarm but has additional LED’s to notify you if the alarm has triggered.

Long Range Remote

It has a range up to 600 meters and will let you know that the command has reached the alarm, or failed when it is out of range.

Viper 7856V Remote Dimentions

Dimensions H=66mm, W=31mm, D=8mm

The remote is easy to operate, has separate lock and unlock buttons, then there is the remote start button which can be used if your alarm has the feature included.

Auxiliary Outputs

The main Auxiliary button can be wired for trunk release. The remote supports an additional 4 Aux outputs which are selected by pressing the function button, each time it is pressed an LED will light up counting which Aux circuit you have reached.

Full list of commands can be found below, but will be subject to which alarm or remote start system you have.

Responder Command Table

Viper 7856V

Viper 7856V Two way LED remote

Viper 7856V Two way LED remote

RRP: $139.00

Works with the following alarms and remote start systems: 

3606V, 5606V, 5706V, 5806V, 5906V.

Obsessive Rating:

A very effective two way remote with a simple design

If you don’t need the screen display and the extra bulk of the 7756V LCD remote then the 7856V is a great option.

Battery: 2016 (X2)

Note: Shorter battery life then most remote controls due to two way control. Alarm will give one chirp on disarm to warn batteries are getting low.



  • Clone-Safe® Code-Hopping®
  • 5 Aux channels
  • Audible and Visual Alerts

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