Viper 516U & 516L Voice Siren

Viper Voice Sirens – A Great way to customise your alarm

Both the 516U and 516L offer verbal arm and disarm confirmation for your alarm and can be set to say either “Viper Armed, Viper Disarmed” or “System Armed”, “System Disarmed”.

Technically both units can work any alarm that has a ground when armed so you can still add one to your system even if you don’t have a Viper (or any other Directed Electronics alarm).

The advantage of having one wired up to a Viper alarm is that it will support remote silent arming/disarming so you have the option of being quiet.

“Viper Armed” Video with “Violation”

“System Armed” Video

As shown in the video the voice module will also give you a violation message if the alarm was triggered when you disarm it. It can also let you know which zone was violated depending on how it is installed.

Viper 516L

Viper 516L with PA Microphone

Viper 516L with PA Microphone

The 516L comes with a microphone that can work as a PA system and allow you to record your own custom messages.

PA System

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t own one as I dare say I’d be shouting at both the lane hoggers as well as the dirty grobs who hang around on Willis Street attempting to poor grimy water on my windscreen when the lights are red!

Door Violation with non Viper alarm

Obsessive Rating:
A fun toy!


516U: $169.00

516L $269.00



Armed/Disarmed Viper/System messages with Violation warnings.

Supports Silent arming with Viper alarms


PA microphone included

Custom messages can be recorded

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3 Responses to Viper 516U & 516L Voice Siren

  1. Julian says:

    Here is a 516U I have installed into a Camaro:

  2. Jack Cooper says:

    can you obtain the model that talks when too close to it ?

  3. Julian says:

    Hi Jack,

    This model has a warn away input that can be hooked up to a microwave sensor so it’ll do that too.

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