VIPER 3100

The 3100 is an entry-level alarm from Viper. It comes with two 3 button remote controls, but can be programmed to work with the same 4 button remote that comes with the 211HV Keyless entry system.

The alarm has two remote-operated auxiliary outputs. The first is activated by an extended press of the AUX button which can be used for things like boot pop, electronic fuel flap open.

The second Aux output is triggered using the * button as the output remains active for as long as the button is held (up to 20 seconds).

This means it can be used for things like controlled window closure, or mirror fold as shown in the video above.

Viper 3100



The alarm can be configured for double locking and full closure, but not selective unlocking, that said one of the Aux channels could be used for this if required.

The alarm chirps once for arming and twice for disarming via the soft chirp siren. Park lights or hazard lights also flash upon arm/disarm. Silent arm/disarm is possible via the remote if required by pressing the AUX button before the Lock button. Alternatively, the system can be programmed for permanent silent arming.

Horn Honk

In addition to the 6 tone siren (see video below) the 3100 also has a dedicated horn honk output. This adds some extra noise to the equation.

The annoying thing that I found with this is that if you have arm/disarm chirps selected then the horn beeps along with the siren chirps when setting the alarm.

Personally, I would have preferred it if the siren sounded without the horn. This way the horn would only make a noise if the alarm was fully triggered which is how some of the Cobra alarms can be set up. Still, there is always the silent arming option!

Flashing Courtesy Light

One of the sweet options is to wire the courtesy light up to the alarm so that it comes on for 30 seconds when the alarm is disarmed.

What is not mentioned in the installation manual is that the alarm will flash the courtesy light on and off when the alarm is triggered. It’s a small detail but a nice touch and clearly thought out as it’s quite effective at night time.

Starter Immobiliser

The 3100 has a built-in Starter immobiliser which is activated when the alarm is armed. It also a built-in impact sensor.

Viper 3100

Viper 473V Remote

Viper 473V Remote

Suggested Retail Price: $400.00 (may vary depending on vehicle and requirements)

Obsessive Rating:
A great entry-level alarm system at a good price!

For a budget alarm system, this is impressive. It’s stacked with heaps of features that many high-end alarms do not offer.



  • 6 Tone Standard Siren
  • Two 3 Button remote controls
  • Starter immobiliser
  • Impact sensor
  • Blue LED
  • Hazard/Parklight output
  • Two Aux outputs
  • Valet Mode


Additional information

PDF icon3100 User Manual

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2 Responses to VIPER 3100

  1. Sherwin says:

    How to program the trunk to open with viper model 3100??

  2. Julian says:

    The 3100 has a dedicated trunk release output. No programming required.

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