Good news, Viper is back!

It had been about 7 years since we last had Viper available. The previous importer went out of business before I set up Obsessive Vehicle Security so I’ve not had the chance to play with any of their systems lately.

When I say play, I don’t use the word lightly as most Viper systems come with a heap of programming options and auxiliary outputs, so are a joy for any technically minded installer to get carried away with!

Even a basic keyless system can become a big toy when Viper gets involved which leads me nicely into introducing their 211HV system.

Viper 211HV

Viper 211HV Keyless Entry

Because Lock/Unlock is not enough!

The lock and unlock buttons do exactly as you would expect and can be configured for selective unlocking,  double locking and full closure. Viper has added a horn output which can be programmed for audible confirmation in addition to the park lights or hazards flashing. The horn output can also be used as a panic function. On top of this, there is the option of having a starter immobiliser which activates when the doors lock.

Courtesy Lamp

The 211HV has a courtesy output that will switch the internal dome light on for 30 seconds when either the unlock button is pressed or the ignition is turned off.

Then there are the Aux outputs. The 211HV has two of them. The first is activated by an extended press of the remote controls Aux button and will give an output for as long as the button is held. The second Aux is activated by pressing the lock and unlock buttons at the same time.

These can be used for things such as controlled window closure, boot pop, lights on, or something more creative.

Here’s a quick video of me having a play with one on the Obsessive test bench:

Viper 211HV


Suggested Retail Price: $280 (may vary depending on vehicle and features)

Obsessive Rating:
A fantastic toy which makes other keyless entry systems look rather basic!

If you’re conservative then the Dynamco KE11 maybe more to your taste…



  • Two 4 Button remote controls
  • Blue LED
  • Hazard/Park-light output
  • Horn honk and panic options
  • Valet Mode
  • Courtesy Light output
  • Two Aux outputs


Additional information

PDF icon211HV User Manual

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  1. Glenn Baker says:

    HI, Just want your advice on the Viper 1000. My son’s Subaru has one fitted but the insurance company doesn’t have it listed and doubts that it is 5-star rated. Can you shed any light?
    Glenn Baker

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Glenn,

    The 5 star alarm rating system got dropped by the NZSA in April 2012, therefore there insurance company you are dealing with needs to get with the times! So no your Viper 1000 is not “5 star rated”

  3. Leonardo Tamez says:

    I’m having a bit of trouble installing in my 2000 Subaru forester L. I’m having difficulty getting my system to lock. Unlock feature is fine. I think I need some guidance on what wires to ground and which wire outputs to use for lock/unlock

  4. Julian says:

    I’m not running a charity here, so if you want help you’ll need to bribe me for my time:

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