Van signage and shelving

I’ve been fairly quiet on the blog over the past couple of months, not because I’ve run out of motivation, but simply that the new van has taken up a huge amount of my time. So much so that the Xmas/New years break wasn’t really much of a holiday as most of it was spent kitting it out so it’s more efficient to work out of.

New wheels and signage complete.

First off was the alarm and electrical modifications (which I’ll leave for another post as there’s a fair amount to go into).

Then the shelving which I made out of aluminium and ply wood. The ply lining was already fitted so I simply gave it a coat of varnish and carpeted the floor to stop things sliding around.

Complete with LED lighting

The shelves bolt to the van using original fixings and have LED lighting built in. There’s heaps of space to work out and it makes keeping things organised much easier then before as space is no longer limited. There’s also room to fit a couple of mountain bikes in the back which is so much nicer then messing around with a cycle carrier!

Fat installers are normally lazy and can’t fit in tight spots so cardio is a must!

Finally a big shout out to Duncan and Nathan at the Sign Foundry for finding the time to fit me in this week to get the stickers on.

I’ll get the alarm post up soon as well as explaining what I’ve done with my EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) which is overkill but when are things not around here?


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