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Note: I do not sell or recommend Uniden alarm or remote controls

The Uniden VS2600XR or VS2600  as it seems to be more commonly know as is the top car alarm in the Uniden range. It meets AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class A (Which admittedly does not count for much) and is one of the cheapest alarms on the market.

The 3 button remote found with the Uniden VS2600XR is the same remote found with all the other current Uniden alarms. The 3rd button is seldom used as it is designed for Unidens additional garage door open module.

The Uniden meets with NZSA approval and whilst it could never be called flash it still meets all the basic requirements.

Unidens Sales Pitch

One of Unidens next generation vehicle security systems

The VS2600XR is standards certified and is designed to meet the AS/NZS4601 immobiliser standard, as well as the AS/NZS3749 alarm standard. It includes black security function wires and a security housing that encloses the connectors (this makes it impossible for a thief to defeat the alarm by identifying the wires or unplugging the alarm).

Uniden VS2600XR Alarm/ Immobiliser





The VS2600RX has a big and clumsy security housing which makes it extremely difficult for an installer to hide. Because of this, chances are that the alarm module will be very easy for any “would be thief” to find and access, then he (or she) would only require a Phillips screw driver to get inside.

Once inside it is obvious where the Immobiliser points are and within a few seconds anyone with a little knowledge would have the vehicle started.

Given this I would have to say that Unidens claims are somewhat misleading. Anyone claiming that it is Impossible to defeat an alarm either has their head buried in the sand or is talking utter crap. Even the very best alarms can be defeated, but at least with a good installation and other measures an alarm can be made difficult to defeat.

To be fair to Uniden the VS2600XR is fairly cheap so you shouldn’t expect too much from it.




RRP: $499.00

Security Rating: AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class A

Obsessive Rating: It’s cheap but then so was the Lada Riva!

Simply put, you get what you pay for. If you only need to make your insurance company happy then I can respect that it is tempting so save some cash and choose the cheap option. The question you need to ask is it “Do I need an alarm that will protect my car?” If the answer is yes then I’d suggest investing in a system that is more sophisticated.



Dual Immobiliser

Two 3 Button Remotes

Blue LED

Battery Back-up Siren

Glass Break Sensor


Boot Release output

Second car Operation


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26 Responses to UNIDEN VS2600XR

  1. jason says:

    Hi, Having some greif with a vs2600 in an early mx5 it still arms and disarms and imobilizer works but the chirps are small/faint or sometimes non existant and the doors dont lock/unlock and no park light flashes. it was an old alarm so i replaced the brain part and siren with new and was fine for a few months now the same thing again. It will activate central lock if key is on. the siren works fine if set off. also lights flash if key on without disarming. Any tips I have substituted all the plug in things like button,shock sensor, glass sens etc

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jason.

    If you read the review you’ll notice that I don’t recommend Uniden as they are poor quality and are easy to get past.
    Has the siren got wet? Have you got a good earth? Maybe consider a better quality alarm?

  3. Cameron says:

    Hi do you sell the remote for the vs2600xr on its own.

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Cameron,

    Uniden is not a brand that I sell or recommend.
    Contact Uniden for support: http://www.uniden.com/

  5. Cher Jane says:

    Hi i have theVS2600XR and it locks and unlocks my car fine, thing is the siren won’t beep when i arm or disarm it. It flashes still but beeps only on occasion?

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Try your local Uniden dealer!

    Uniden is not a brand that I sell or recommend.
    Contact Uniden for support: http://www.uniden.com/

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