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Note: I do not sell or recommend Uniden alarm or remote controls

The Uniden VS1600XR is basically the same as the Uniden VS2600XR but without the battery back-up siren so it is rated as a NZSA 4 Star.

OK it’s cheap and its has NZSA 4 Star approval so is it the right choice?

Well if you’re in the market for a Cheap basic alarm that operates your central locking then fine, there really isn’t much difference between the Uniden VS1600XR and the Mongoose M60B. That said there are far better 4 star systems available such as the Autowatch 446RiSG or the Dynatron range.

The Uniden is about the same size as the Mongoose,  look at the photo below and notice how big both are when compared to the 446RiSG. If alarms were plastic bricks then the Uniden and Mongoose would be Duplo and look primitive when compared to the 446RiSG which would fall into the refined Lego category!

Spot which ones need to go on a diet!


446RiSG (top) VS1600XR (middle) M60B (bottom)

446RiSG (top) VS1600XR (middle) M60B (bottom)

Point made and I really don’t have much else constructive to say about the matter!




RRP: $399.00

Insurance Approved: NZSA 4 Star

Obsessive Rating: It would be fair to call this one a brick, it’s not that sophisticated!

Fitting a good car alarm is like playing hide and seek, the fat kid always has a huge disadvantage. So whilst the Uniden and the Mongoose may be the McDonalds of the car alarm world (Common, cheap and mass produced) I’d prefer a healthier option.



Dual Immobiliser

Two 3 Button Remotes

Blue LED

Standard Siren

Shock Sensor


Boot Release output

Second car Operation


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