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Note: I do not sell or recommend Uniden alarm systems or remote controls

I’ve just checked the Uniden website and they still claim that the VS2600XR is a 5 Star alarm approved by the New Zealand Security Association.

Misleading Claims

This is very misleading as the New Zealand Security Association 5 star rating system was buried on the 1st April 2012.

I’ve also noted that Uniden refers to the alarm as being the “next generation”. This makes it sound like its cutting edge and modern, when in fact it’s a horrid old brick!

Undien Car Alarm Reality

Sadly the truth is that Uniden “Star rated” alarms are rubbish. They normally take me no more than a couple of seconds to defeat.

The video below shows how I disarmed the immobiliser on this one without the remote in a matter of seconds:

This is possible because nearly all the Uniden alarms I have come across are still on the default over-ride pin number. The process is exactly the same if the alarm is armed or just the immobiliser is armed.

Quite how they got “approved” or who actually did the approval remains a mystery. It simply makes a mockery out of the existing AS/NZS4601 standard for immobilisers!


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7 Responses to Uniden “5 star” alarm defeated in seconds!

  1. Julian says:

    Forgot to change the setting on the video to public. Done now (thanks Alex) so you can now watch it.

  2. Rick says:

    Sticking the brand of your alarm/immobilizer on your window is a bit moronic since if you know the shortcomings of their product line you can do just what the video demonstrates. In combination with leaving the override code as the default that equals total installer fail.

    Just goes to show that an alarm “rating’ doesn’t mean squat if your installer is a muppet. IMO an alarm should be considered unrated by any standard unless there is some verification that the installation also meets some standard. Of course that requires a trust chain that would be an overhead for the administering body so we end up with meaningless feature-based ratings that have little to do with security.

  3. Julian says:

    Good point, the window sticker gives away plenty of information, for example if I see a Uniden sticker I know (from my past experience) that the odds of the over-ride being on the default setting are very high. I’d probably say that it’s about 80-90%!

    If there is an AVS, sticker I know that the siren has has an over-ride key, and therefore must be in an easy to get to location which would be easy to defeat. I also know that the immobiliser case can be flicked open quickly and bypassed.

    Personally I have major concerns over all security ratings in NZ. I had asked the NZSA (before it backed away in April 2012) if I could see the test certificates for some Mongoose alarms. They failed to respond to me let alone produce any evidence that they have any! My belief it that all test certificates for products need to be public and open to scrutiny. I’ll be looking into this in detail in the coming weeks…

  4. Rick says:

    I agree. A certificate is merely the final document in a certification process. If you can’t verify or scrutinize the process the certificate has no meaning or value. Anyone who doesn’t understand that has no business issuing certificates.

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  6. Caddy says:

    Dude, that’s hardly impressive. I was expecting to see you break in somehow.
    The door was open & you had/used the car key.

    Break into my car!
    1. The alarm will sound when you attempt to open the dllr
    2. If entry is somehow successful, alarm will continue as it’s not your car therefore no key.
    3. Within 30 seconds you’ll find me armed to the teeth & scary as F**K dragging you out & being Judged, Jury and execution carried out without delay.

  7. Julian says:

    Hi Caddy

    I’m not trying to impress you or anyone else for that matter. The post is simply to make people aware how poor most Uniden alarms are.

    Coming back from my summer holiday to find that you have a sent an abusive email, spammed my You Tube channel and comment form during a 5 hour period suggests that you have issues (Obsessive and not in a good way!)

    Maybe it life would be better for you if you took one hand of your penis and the other off the mouse and stepped away from the screen?

    You are now blocked from commenting. I wish you well for the coming year and hope you find some love.

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