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The TX-90 is the latest design Transponder remote for the Dynatron 7 Series  (D7400, D7600 & D7800) / Cyclops P755, P775, P785 . The remote is powered by 2 CR2016 Coin shaped batteries.

How does the Dynatron Transponder Remote work?

The 7 Series has a coil which is installed by the ignition barrel, when the door of the vehicle is opened the transponder coil energizes for 30 seconds. If the transponder remote is placed in proximity of the coil then the immobiliser will disarm.

If more than 30 seconds has passed since the door was opened then the coil will turn off to preserve the vehicles battery. The coil will also energize whenever the ignition is turned on.

TX-90 replaces the TX-11 Blue remote found on older models of the 7 series which would often end up with a broken case or the rubber buttons would perish. Note: replacement cases are still available for the TX-11.

Trouble Shooting

Having two TX-9o  remotes (or TX-11 blue remotes for that matter) side by side will cause the transponder to stop working, it will also cause the remote batteries to drain quickly. In other words it is not a good idea to have 2 sets of transponder remotes on the same key ring.

Changing Batteries

The TX-90 uses 2 CR2016 batteries that typically last for 3 years, but this will vary on usage.

TX-90 remote takes 2 CR2016 batteries

Take care not to remove the half crescent plastic that prevents the batteries shorting out and make sure that the + tab holds the batteries down firmly.

TX-90 Transponder Remote

RRP: $95.00

Compatible Alarms:




Note: Will also work with the 3 Series but without the transponder function. Likewise the TX-111 Remote will work with the 7 Series but again will lose the transponder feature.

Replaces old TX-11 Blue Remote


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16 Responses to TX-90 Remote not working?

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  3. Martin says:


    I bought a vehicle with a D600 alarm and their was a second TX-90T remote which does not work.

    How do I program the second remote. Its installed in a 2007 Ford Ranger diesel



  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Martin,

    Your Ford Ranger already has a factory transponder immobiliser so whoever installed another transponder immobiliser on top of that should be shot!

    This video should help you:

  5. Rob says:

    I bought a car wiht this system in it (tx 90T) and the remote works fine. However I would really like a heads up for the functions of the two buttons on it.
    Would you be able to help me out please.

  6. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Rob,

    The remote is fairly intuitive, the symbols on the buttons do what they suggest. In other words the top button arms/disarms the alarm and should lock and unlock the vehicle, assuming it has been wired up to do so. An extended press of the lock button will panic the alarm.

    The second button is for boot pop. A three second press will pop the boot if this has been wired up.

    You can also use the second button for silent arming. Press the boot pop button quickly then press the lock button. This allows the alarm to arm without the siren chirps.

  7. Rod rudduck says:


    I just bought a car with a D7600 and 2 tx-11 remotes. the first time I parked it in the local supermarket carpark, I tried to activate the alarm. The remote blue light flickered but there was no indicator flash or chirp. When I came back, the car remained immoblized but the alarm did not activate. After several attempts and a 10 min wait, it finally started.

    Th second time was different. Same place. This time the alarm activated but when I came back and tried to deactivate it, the remote blue light flickered, but there was no indicator flash or chirp and when I went to get in, the a.arm sounded. Tried this twice. Again, after 10 min, the remote deactivated it and I got the indicator flash and chirp.

    I did notice later that I was getting a double indicator flash on start up from one of the remotes and a single indicator flash from the other.

    Is this a case of low battery, or could I be experiencing some kind of interference in that particular carpark?

    Many thanks

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Rod,

    First off change the battery in the remote, it will eliminate it one way or another.
    It’s possible that there is something transmitting in the same range as the remote if it’s only happening in the same location. But even if this was the case the transponder should still disarm the alarm when the remote is in range of the ignition barrel (assuming you have a D7600 and not a D3600). It’s possible you have a faulty remote but without seeing it I can only guess.

  9. rod rudduck says:

    Hi Julian

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, definitely a 7600 as I have the paperwork.

    Are you saying that inserting the key will turn off the alarm if it is going?
    When I opened the door, [ wasn’t locked as its a topless mx5 ] and the alarm sounded, I just closed the door and waited for it to stop. Could I have reached in and inserted the key and shut it off?

    I knew doing that turned off the immoblizer, but the car is new to me and I am not sure off it’s exact operation.

    regards, rod

  10. Julian Julian says:

    You should be able to do that, try it.
    The user manual can be found here: http://vehiclesecurity.co.nz/manuals/D7600-user-manual.pdf

  11. Rod rudduck says:

    Hi Julian. I was about to phone you then realized you were in Wellington.

    I put new batteries in the remote. Tested it, and worked ok. Next time I locked it it locked and unlocked ok with chirps etc, then 5min later I went to lock it again but no chirp or indicator flash. The alarm is not set, but now the immoblizer will not let me start it.

    I put the key in and the remote blue light starts flashing, and the red dash light keeps blinking. When I turn the key, both indicators flash for 20 seconds or so, but it will not start. It is not in the same supermarket carpark as before.

    Any advice before I call a local alarm guy


  12. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Rod,

    Does the remote LED light up when you press the top button?
    Have you tried pressing the second button for 3 seconds?
    You mentioned that you have paper work for the alarm. Does that include the over-ride pin number? If so have you tried it?

  13. Rod rudduck says:

    Yes, the remote LED always lights up.
    Have not tried second button for 3 sec….what does that do?
    I have the override pin but didn’t have it with me.
    I need to get back to the car tomorrow and will try the override then


  14. Julian Julian says:

    2nd button is boot pop, but it also disarms the alarm/immobiliser so would have been worth trying if the switch on the top button had failed.

    This post covers entering your over-ride number: http://vehiclesecurity.co.nz/blog/dynatron-pin-code-over-ride

  15. Justin says:

    Hi there,

    The transponder doesn’t seem to be working with my Dynatron. Both my remotes will disarm the alarm but if I don’t start my car within 30 secs (ie the blue LED is flashing again), the engine won’t turn over and I have to arm and then disarm, and then the car will start.

    Any ideas? My guess is it’s to do with the alarm itself as opposed to the remote. Cheers.

  16. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Justin,

    Did it used to work, or has it recently stopped disarming via the transponder?
    I ask as the TX-90 Transponder remote will work with the 3 Series alarm, just as a remote only so the transponder feature will not work.

    It’s more likely to be a remote issue if it was working and has now stopped functioning.

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