TX-11 Remote Repair

The Cyclops/Dynatron TX-11 Remote is the old remote for both the 3 Series and 7 Series of alarms.

When I say old they pre-date Obsessive Vehicle Security existence (April 2008) so I’ve not ever sold one. That said I have repaired heaps over the years and continue to do so.

Often a remote repair is as simple as replacing a tactile switch on the circuit board along with a quick clean up. I have a frequency reader so I can confirm it’s transmitting.

I also have some old alarms kicking about which I can wire up on the Obsessive test bench. This way I can code the remote to an alarm for testing. This is great when I don’t have access to the customer’s car. It’s always good to double-check it’s working perfectly before returning it.

I still stock replacement remote cases and tac switches for these remote controls.

About The TX-11 Remote

The TX-11 came with a Green LED for the 3 Series and a Blue LED for the 7 Series. The difference is that the 7 Series remote has a transponder chip inside.

TX-11 remote

Remote Case: $25.00

Green LED TX-11 Replaced by TX-111 (3 Series) or TX-90

Blue LED TX-11 Replaced by TX-90T (T for transponder)

I have a couple of reconditioned TX-11 remote controls kicking around for anyone who prefers the style.

Other Remote Controls

You can find the full range of remote controls I stock here… It includes which batteries the remote should use as I often find them with the wrong ones inside ?



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