Alarm Troubleshooting…

Troubleshooting is always interesting…

Especially when you’re looking at an issue someone else has caused!

I got approached by a client to have a look at their alarm system. It did work but since Auto Electrician had installed the new car stereo it does not work. In fact, the car is now immobilised and stuck in his garage!

The Auto sparky wanted to replace the alarm with another “5 Star system” and didn’t seem to think that his work had caused the issue.

So I arrived to look at the car (a 2006 Subaru Legacy) and found it has a factory transponder immobiliser and an AVS S5!

The AVS remote no longer works and both of the Subaru remote controls have stopped working too.

Testing the remotes

Remote Frequency Tester

First off I needed to know if the remote controls actually worked or not. As with all troubleshooting, it’s a process of elimination.

I got my remote frequency tester out and found that both the Subaru remote controls were transmitting as they should. The AVS one had failed.

Next, I looked to see if a door had been left open. Often a car will not respond to the remote when a door is open so it’s a simple check.

Upon doing this I noticed that all of the interior dome lamps were not working. I asked the customer and he confirmed that it used to work fine beforehand.

Check the Fuses

Blown Fuse

I then got out my trusty power probe and when to the vehicles fuse box:

I found this blown 20 amp fuse after 30 seconds, then replaced it.


The internal lamp now works, as does the keyless entry.

I unlock the car and the pointless AVS Immobiliser also disarms.

One happy customer who I advise not to get an AVS alarm in his next car because it will be killing his battery. Of course, he already knows this as he’s read my blog!


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