Toyota Yaris Alarm Upgrade

Update 17/03/2017

The Yaris has just had another face-lift. Today I installed a Cobra AK4218 into one and discovered that it looks quite different from the previous version. I’ve now updated my notes to cover the updated specifications.

The AK4218 will work with all new models. GX, SX and ZR. I’ve yet to test the AK4615 but will update this space when I do.

Toyota Yaris Alarm

Updated 2017 Toyota Yaris

The internals trim remains the same so all photos below remain accurate for the install.

Original Post from 2015…

The first new car to get an alarm installed this year is the Toyota Yaris (XP130) which I got to work on today.

The Yaris comes with keyless entry as standard so both the Cobra AK4218 Toyota alarm or Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm are the best systems to look consider if you want to retain the use of the factory remote. They also have a factory look and feel to them and are simply in a class of their own.

Here are some photos of what you’ll see after the install:

Toyota Yaris Upgrade Alarm

XP130 Yaris: pictured here after a 2015 face-lift


Cobra Ultrasonic Sensors are a perfect colour match

What if you own an older Yaris?

XP130 (Pre Facelift) Yaris 2010-2015

The Both the AK4218 and AK4615 also work in the XP130 Yaris (2010-2015) and the XP90 Yaris (2005-2010)

All three generations of Yaris come with a factory transponder immobiliser and remote keyless entry as standard.

None of them came with an alarm as a standard option.

XP90 Yaris Alarm

XP90 Toyota Yaris 2005-2010

What to expect from the alarm:


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3 Responses to Toyota Yaris Alarm Upgrade

  1. Avatar Auto Defence says:

    Nice neat job once again Obsessive!

    Really enjoy reading your blog posts on the good and the bad products.

    You simply can’t beat the Cobra 4615 in terms of reliability and quality.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Avatar Simon says:

    Hey i have a yaris sedan 2010 i want to add remote start i will buy a kit if i have too but if i can just buy a new remote and connect some wires instead id like to do that i need to know if its possible ive been looking for specs but i cant find anything

  3. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Simon,

    It’s more involved then simply purchasing a remote and connecting some wires and is not the sort of job you can do without any skills and experience.

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