Toyota Rav4 Upgrade Alarms

Update October 2019: Details about the New 2019 RAV4 can be found here…

The Generation 4 Rav4 has recently received a clean new look for the fourth generation model (XA40) getting a facelift late in 2015.

Last month I finally got my hands on one so thought it would be a good time to explain what alarm options are available.

Currently, there are 3 different models levels in NZ, all of which have an immobiliser, but none in the current line up have an alarm.


Post-2015 Facelift Gen 4 Rav4 (XA40)

The top of the line Limited and GLX models both come with the Toyota Smart key entry and push-button start.

Then there is GL which has a traditional remote key.

None of these current models in NZ has a factory alarm (Note: some pre-facelift models did which I’ll explain later).

Here are my recommendations if you want flawless a flawless alarm with that factory feel.

Rav4 Smart Key works the alarm

RAV4 GLX and Limited come with proximity smart key

For the GLX and Limited models, the Cobra AK4615 upgrade alarm is great. It works flawlessly with the Smart Key set up, has ultrasonics internal protection and a super loud digital backup siren and horn honk.

Here’s how it looks after the install:

Cobra AK4615 works with Smart Key Models

Cobra LED with AK4615. Works with Smart Key/push to start GLX and Limited Rav4

Ultrasonics sensors in the Rav4 Alarm

Cobra ultrasonic sensors look good in the Rav4

For the GL model, the Cobra AK4218 Toyota alarm works with the factory remote key and gives you the option of disabling the ultrasonic sensors using the remote.

Pre Facelift Rav4 (2013-2015)

Pre Facelift Rav4

Pre Facelift Rav4 – 2013-2015 (Note the headlamp and grille styling differ)

The Limited and GLX RAV4 (XA40) models both had a factory alarm before this got dropped with the facelift models. The GL did not and both the AK4218 and AK4615 work with it.

Previous Gen 3 model RAV4 (XA30)

Toyota Rav4 Alarm System

XA30 Rav4 2006-2012

The XA30 model came with a factory immobiliser and remote keyless entry (No smart Key with NZ models) Both the Cobra AK4218 and AK4615 are recommended if you wish to use the factory remote.

Again, other alarms are possible but these are my recommendations if you want that factory look and quality.

I’ve done a Viper 5906V remote start on this generation Rav4 too.


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