Toyota Hiace Upgrade Alarm

The Toyota Hiace is beyond doubt the most popular van in New Zealand. It also claims top spot for the vehicle that I have installed the most alarms into. Last time I counted I was comfortably above 250 Hiace alarm installs.

The current Hiace came out in 2005, it had a major face lift in 2014 but on the whole has not changed much electrically since it’s release.

All New Zealand new models come with remote keyless entry and a factory transponder immobiliser, yet do not come with an alarm.

As of 2015 I have installed over 200 alarms to the post 2005 Hiace

Which Alarm is Best of the Hiace?

Toyota Car Alarm

AK4218 Toyota Upgrade Alarm

The Cobra AK4218 Toyota Upgrade Alarm is my alarm of choice for any Hiace manufactured after 2005.

It works perfectly with the Toyota remote key which makes it very user friendly as well a effective.

The alarm comes with the Cobra 4310 siren and supports horn honk so is super loud should someone have a crack.

Ultrasonic Internal Protection

As the Hiace is a popular trade vehicle they are often a target for break-ins so having good internal protection is vital. Glass break sensors are simply not effective in large vehicles and a PIR sensor looks crude and are not necessary in an open van without a solid cargo barrier.

Ultrasonic Sensors protect the interior space in the Toyota Hiace

The Ultrasonic Sensors look like they were installed at the factory and are a perfect colour match. They protect the internal cabin space of the van and can be turned off upon arming simply by pressing the lock button on the Toyota remote a second time when arming the alarm. Great for those times when you wish to leave a window open or leave a dog in the van.

LED over-ride and optional extra LED

The Alarm comes with a red 3mm LED which is mounted with the over-ride switch, if you want a brighter visual deterrent then an extra LED can be added for no extra cost. Please ask in advance if you want this.

2014 Facelift Hiace dash with LED options

Easy Emergency Over-ride 

The PIN code over-ride can be customised to any 4 digit number so the alarm can be disarmed if the remote battery fails. The Video below shows how it works.

Cobra AK4128 Toyota Upgrade: $650.00 (Price includes installation and GST)

Toyota Hiace

2015 Hiace

2014 face-lift Hiace

In 2014 the Hiace had a major face-lift with new dashboard, revised grill and headlamps and new rounded side windows as well as some electrical updates.

As far as the alarm goes, all options remain the same even though the wiring is slightly different.

2005-2014 Pre face-lift Hiace

2005-2014 Pre face-lift Hiace

If you don’t have working Toyota remote then the Cobra AK4698 whould be my recommendation. It comes with Two Cobra Remotes that will give you full key-less entry. There is even the option to have remote controls with the Toyota Logo,

The AK4698 can also be used as a Courier alarm which allows the driver to alarm the van with the engine still running.

Other alarms possible

Of course I know the vans well enough to fit most other systems with ease, if you have a specific requirement then simply ask and I’ll see what I can do.


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