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Here’s a link to a recent post from the New Zealand Herald about the Toyota Hiace being targeted and shipped to he Middle East. The Hiace is well known for it’s reliability and is a popular work horse so there is obviously a big demand for them over seas.

Old generation Hiace at risk.

The old generation Hiace (pre 2005 model) did not come with any security, where as most of the New shape Hiace’s comes with an Immobiliser as standard.

Toyota Hiace, Theft is an issue!

Toyota Hiace, Theft is an issue!

It is therefore fair to assume that it is only the old shape models that are being targeted.

Security Considerations

Absolute minimum security would be a good immobiliser fitted correctly but given that most Hiace owners tend to be tradesmen an alarm would probably be a better option.

Toyota Door Switches

Toyota Door Switch

Toyota Door Switch

The door switches on the Hiace are an item that are known to fail. Bearing in mind that most alarms depend on the door switch to trigger them it is a good idea to make sure that they are functioning correctly. I’ve lost count of how many Hiace door switches I’ve had to replace. In fact the demand is so high that I now keep them in stock!

Internal protection

If you do intend to keep tools in a Hiace then I’d suggest an alarm with either ultrasonics or a P.I.R. sensor. Although most alarms here in NZ tend to come with a glass break sensor it is worth remembering that they are not very effective in large vehicles, especially when they have window tints.

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3 Responses to Toyota Hiace Theft

  1. nathan says:

    where am i able to buy one of those switches? i just had an alarm installed in a 1990 corona and the drivers switch doesnt work and im having the hardest time finding a switch for it

  2. Julian says:

    You could take a loan out and visit your local Toyota dealer, or see if there is a specialised Toyota wrecker locally, assuming you can find a working switch there!

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