Toyota Corolla/Auris Alarm Options

24/10/2018 Update: Details about the New 2018 Corolla Hatch can be found here…

The current version of the Toyota Corolla hatchback (E180) is known as a Toyota Auris outside of New Zealand and Australia. It’s been available here since 2012 and all models come with an immobiliser as standard and remote central locking.

This makes it suitable for an OEM upgrade alarm. My recommendation is the Cobra AK4218 Toyota alarm which offers full control via the factory remote and allows the ultrasonic sensors to be turned off upon arming.

The Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm is also a good option, but it does lack ultrasonic de-selection via the remote.

Here are some photos of what you’ll see after the install:

New Corolla E180 Hatch comes with keyless entry and factory transponder immobiliser

Ultrasonic Sensors are a good match with the Corolla trim

LED Over-ride switch fits well on the switch blank

What if you own an older Corolla Hatchback?

E150 Corolla Hatch 2006-2012

The previous generation Corolla was the E150 (2006-2012) which also comes with factory keyless entry and immobiliser as standard.

The Both the AK4218 and AK4615 also work in the E150 Corolla/Auris as well as the Toyota Blade which is based on the same platform as the E150 Corolla Hatch.

For the E120 (pre-2006model) then the AK4218 is a great option as it the AK4198 if your factory remote has seen better days.

I shall cover the Sedan and Wagon version of the Corolla another time as the current models are different vehicles in their own right even though they share the Corolla name tag.

E150 Toyota Blade comes with V6

Toyota Blade

The Toyota Blade (2006-2012) is based on the Corolla chassis.

It comes with a proximity smart key and push to start so will not work with the AK4218. But the AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm is a great option.

What to expect from the alarm:

New Toyota Corolla Alarm


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