Tool Guard TG-6000

The TG-6000 is a very effective wireless sensor that can be added to nearly any alarm, regardless of brand.

The main box is fitted to the underside of your toolbox lid, or on whatever you’re securing with it.

If it then detects a change of angle, it will send a signal to the small receiver box. This, in turn, will trigger the alarm it into action.

Tool Guard TG-6000

The TG-6000 is an easy add on to your existing alarm system so there is no need to carry an additional remote. Being wireless it is easy to install and has the bonus of having no vulnerable cables to attack.

Tool Guard fitted under the lid

Tool Guard

It’s a great way to protect a tool chest, roof box or even tools stored in a trailer where a cable run really would be a pain.

The TG-6000 uses two AAA batteries and has a low battery warning indicator.

Unlike the Autowatch Wireless PIR and Wireless Reed sensors which only work with their high-end alarms, the TG-6000 can be added to any alarm.

RRP: $200.00 installed


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  1. This is a great add on to your already installed vehicle alarm system. You can have a million dollar truck alarm and it might protect against the valuables you have in your lock box. Also it being wireless really helps with potential thief being able to disarm the device. I am going to buy one and get it installed immediately to help me feel better about leaving my truck during work.

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