Time for the Star rating system to be reviewed?

5 star car alarms!

Last month I reviewed the Mongoose “TA” Toyota Alarm (CA1) and pointed out just how easy it is to defeat. Given this the obvious question is: How on earth did it gain a NZSA 5 star rating?

The key point in the review was how easy the alarm is to remove. Just unplug it from the Toyota diagnostic plug and rip out the siren.

The idea of the “Star rating system” is to give a clear guide about what levels of protection are available. A “5 Star Alarm” is apparently the highest level of protection available, yet it seems very clear that the newly approved “TA” alarm offers very little protection.

Personally I find the “Star rating system” to be misleading, especially when you start to read all the bullshit promotion in regards to Installer Standards!

Standard last reviewed in 2003

Let me take you back to 2003… We had no iPhone, no Facebook and England were about to win the Webb Ellis Cup!

In October 2003 the NZSA Star rating system was set up. The requirement for an alarm to be a “5 Star” is that it must be certified to AS/NZS 3749.1.2003 Class A.

What amazes me is that since that date the world has moved on, technology has advanced, and yet we still have an alarm rating system which compared to Thatcham standards was out of date, even before it went to print back in 2003!

Let’s face it, back in 2003 most people had no idea about what a CAN-BUS alarm was, I certainly didn’t. It was not until January 2005 that I installed my first CAN-BUS alarm, I remember it well, I must have been one of the first installers to get my hands on one. It was a cold wet day in the UK and the first time I had worked on a MK4 VW Golf.

Now in 2011 it seems ridiculous that a plug and play CAN-BUS alarm designed for Post 2009 Toyota’s can be reviewed and approved under the AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class A guide lines when they clearly don’t cover such technology.


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