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It would seem that my Upgrade alarm Muppetry post has caused a bit of a stir with AVS and some of their dealers.

AVS have even gone so far as to make their own video showing how an Upgrade alarm should work and have given it a mention it on their Facebook page.

Below is the video:

Whilst I suspect that the motive for the AVS video is damage limitation I actually welcome it and love the thumb up bit at the end! 🙂 Where ever did that idea come from?

It was disappointing that they didn’t put a link to my post or share the video, but it did at least get a reaction and draw some attention to the issue which can’t be a bad thing.

What I found amusing was that both AVS and the owner of the company who installed the alarm in the video below stated that I should have fixed the install rather then remove and replace it.

Never mind the fact that the RX8 in the video already had a factory transponder immobiliser, so having an additional immobiliser auto arming is pointless and annoying to live with. Also there is not much I can do with an AVS siren and most of my customers expect better.

Installation Awareness

The more people who are aware of what to expect from an upgrade alarm the better. The number of systems I come across that are not installed correctly is truly shocking and there are a huge number of installers out there who need to buck their ideas up.

I’ve always said that my goals are to raise standards, even if it ruffles some feathers. I’m not here to win a popularity contest but to make a difference. I’m a firm believer that you need to upset one or two people on the way if you want to improve things.

Hopefully we’ll see AVS sort out their sirens and make an attack proof Immobiliser security case soon. You never know I make even start recommending them if they do!

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2 Responses to Thumbs up AVS!

  1. Rick says:

    I think the lesson AVS (et al) should learn from this is they need to vet their installers better. There may be some shortcomings of the designs themselves but the bigger problem is clearly piss-poor installation which all but nullifies any security rating the device has. I don’t know how easy it is to get hold of a new AVS and have any ol’ cowboy install it but that seems to be an issue to solve.

    If you were to buy a car with an aftermarket alarm in it you really need some traceability for that (basically, who installed it) so that a) you know it was installed properly and b) insurance companies have some kind of paperwork that shows the device actually does mitigate theft. Like a WoF for security. Arguably, correct installation should factor into insurance premiums more than the product itself but without traceability that’s not possible.

  2. Julian says:

    I think that AVS and Mongoose are more concerned about selling in volume then keeping installation high quality . You only need to look on trade me and there are numerous “Star rated” alarms for sale without installation.

    For example:

    Here is a Wellington dealer happy to sell without installation:

    Any excuses about not having control over who sells there products on Trade me etc seem like a lame excuse as you generally don’t see Autowatch or Cobra for sale there as they have a far more selective dealer network.

    That said it’s often the so called professional installs that I come across thatt are piss poor!

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