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About 10 weeks ago I made the decision to purchase a Nissan e-NV200 panel van. It will be a direct replacement for the Nissan Wingroad that I currently work out of.

I first became aware of them back in April after my mate Simon insisted I should drive his one into Wellington. I believe his to be the first one in the Wellington region and I was very pleasantly surprised at just how nice it is to drive and how much sense it makes from both a practical a environmental point of view. I started doing some research on them as soon as I got home.

It’s basically a electric version of the NV200 van that uses the battery pack and electric motor out of the Nissan Leaf. It’s good for about 140KM on a full charge in real world driveing conditions (obviously this information is not from personal experience at this stage).

Zero Emissions and Zero Theft

Zero Emissions and Zero Theft

I decided that the Acenta Rapid Plus model would be the best option for what I required. The Tekna models have a built in GPS system and CAR-WINGS system that would be great, but do not work in New Zealand. A PDF with full specifications of all models can be found here…

Nissan NZ do not sell the e-NV200 (or the Nissan Leaf anymore for that matter) so the only option is to get an import model. I decided to contacted Lincoln and Sally Roberts of European Car Imports to find me one, they got back to me within an hour of my call with a price on a 2015 model from the UK with just 79 miles on the odometer.

The new e-NV200 Acenta Rapid Plus Panel Van
(Which I’ve not seen in person yet!) 

The new Obsessive work horse: Nissan e-NV200

The whole process so far has been super easy and the van arrived in Auckland last week, however there has been a small hiccup!

Faulty airbag sensor!!!

A faulty airbag sensor was detected when the van was going through compliance last week so it needs a replacement part before I can collect it.

Sally was onto it as soon as the news came in and has kept me in the loop. The Nissan dealer in Auckland (Schofields) quoted $511.81 for the part (I have a copy of the quote) and said it would take about 4 weeks to arrive! Fortunately Sally had a contact in the UK who managed to get one for £30.00 and can have it here in a couple of days via FedEx.

Here's a shot of my healing finger which lets Scofields part department what I thing of their pricing!

Here’s a shot of my healing finger which lets Schofields parts department know what I think of their rip off pricing!

So the plan is to collect the van from Auckland on Thursday (which could be pushing it depending on when the part arrives) and then driving it back to Wellington.

That’s going to be quite an adventure given the lack of chargers in the middle of the North Island! Fingers crossed it’s ready by then (not the left hand fingers of course as they still hurt).


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4 Responses to The New Obsessive Electric Van

  1. Michael says:

    Nice post, Do you have anymore real world driving info.
    I’m looking to purchase the same van but i can’t find anything about the “actual” km’s people are getting from them.
    I’m in AK

    Cheers Michael.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m getting about 120KM out of a full charge. Of course this varies depending on a variety of factors such has battery health, driving style, wind speed/direction, temperature, elevation etc. I have managed to get 145km out of my one and probably could have pushed it more now I have the Leaf Spy app which works with the e-NV200.

    If I need to go further then I’ll take the back roads to reduce speed rather then use the motorway, or stop somewhere for a quick charge.

    It’s a change of mind set and you need to be more organised then you would be with fossil fuel vehicle and plan you route. That said I’m finding mine very easy to live with and it’s not exactly a hardship stopping for the odd fast charge and a coffee.


  3. Toby Dixon says:

    Hey Julian
    We about to purchase a E-nv200
    Looking at the UK and Japanese Imports
    Would you recommend the 6.6kw charger? Have you installed a 32A charger?

    Also, regarding the blacked out windows, does it get hot in the back? We will be delivering vegetables with the van. Max 30 mins driving.


  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Toby,

    Yes I do have a 32A Charger, details can be found here…

    The 6.6kw charger has come in useful when I’ve wanted to charge quickly and head out again.

    The back has no windows so I’m guessing the temperature is reasonably stable, doubt you’ll have any issues with it heating up in just 30 minutes. That said I can’t say I’ve lingered in the back with the doors shut!

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