The Devil is in the Details

As regular readers will know, I’m not shy about being critical over some of the piss poor installs and crappy products I come across. What I’d rather talk about is positive stuff such as new product innovations and quality installs, so with that said I’m going to point out some of the good stuff I’ve come across lately.

I’m been rather impressed with some of the custom solutions coming from Cobra NZ over the past couple of years. The technical support available is second to none and the attention to detail is great to see. Cobra supply security system to Toyota NZ such as the AK4218 and design vehicle specific installation packs, some of which are accessible to me along with the customised parts.

Whilst I’m not going to give away any info that may compromise an install here, I’m more than happy to share some of the fantastic little details with you that I’ve been able to install 🙂

Gorgeous Wiring

Below is a photo of a Toyota fuse box which shows where the 12-volt power supply for the alarm is connected.

Factory Standard wiring. Gorgeous

Factory Standard wiring. Gorgeous

Cobra supply a crimp on pin connector that slots into one of the factory plugs along with a fuse that simply fits into one of the vacant factory fuse locations. It’s as perfect as you can get for a retrofitted system and very satisfying to install.

The Engine Bay

Clean with no vulnerable siren to remove or look messy. Even the Bonnet pin is tidy

Clean with no vulnerable siren to attack or look messy. Even the Bonnet pin is tidy

Apart from the bonnet switch there really is not much to see. It’s how it should be and sets the standard in quality installations. Cobra sirens are waterproof and have no over-ride key so can be hidden. This makes for a far more effective install and the Wireless siren on the AK4615 is brilliant when the firewall is a pig to get a cable past!

Bolt in ECU brackets

Cobra alarm bracket

The optional metal clap can be bolted in behind the dash then the alarm clips in. Far tidier than a cable tie and less likely to rattle! If the cables are dressed well then you’d probably think you are looking at an original car part and have no idea that it’s an aftermarket alarm.

It will work with all current cobra alarm ECU’s and is also an absolute pig to remove once clipped together.

Custom Bonnet Switch Bracket

Waterproof and adjustable bonnet switch

Waterproof and adjustable bonnet switch

The above photo is from a Subaru install a couple of weeks back. the switch bracket is mounted on a factory bolt and will give years of trouble-free protection rather than rusting and failing like so many of the bonnet switches I see on a weekly basis. Whilst it is not a standard part with any alarm I do keep them in stock.

Factory Style Ultrasonics

Mazda 3 Ultrasonic Sensors Installed

If you purchased the car with these then you’d think they were original equipment. They simply look the part and come as standard on all Cobra alarms. They are also much more effective than glass break sensors which are not that great in large vehicles or where window tilt film has been fitted. Ultrasonic Sensors will detect a change in cabin volume so will detect a break in.

To sum up, I know there will be one or two who think I’m biased towards Cobra, but the truth is far more simple. I just like quality products that make for great installs and right now Cobra are leading the way.

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