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Toyota Rav4 Upgrade Alarms

The Generation 4 Rav4 has recently received a clean new look for the fourth generation model (XA40) getting a facelift late in 2015. Last month I finally got my hands on one so thought it would be a good time … Continue reading

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Toyota Yaris Alarm Upgrade

Update 17/03/2017 The Yaris has just had another face-lift. Today I installed a Cobra AK4218 into one and discovered that it looks quite different from the previous version. I’ve now updated my notes to cover the updated specifications. The AK4218 … Continue reading

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New Hilux Alarm Photos

The final week before Xmas was a super busy one as I had 9 new Toyota Hilux models lined up needing alarms. The phone was turned to voice mail stating that I’d be back on the 5th January. There was … Continue reading

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Cobra Toyota Remote

Do you own a Toyota? Then you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to Cobra alarms and the little details that make them the best choice for your security requirements. Upgrade alarms These work using the existing Toyota … Continue reading

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Cobra AK4218 Toyota Upgrade Alarm

The AK4218 is an upgrade alarm from Cobra which is designed exclusively for Toyota models that have a remote key. It replaces the discontinued AK4147 and is very similar to the brilliant Cobra AK4198. The main difference being is it works with the … Continue reading

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Cobra AK4147 Toyota Alarm

The Cobra AK4147 is an upgrade alarm that has been designed to work with Toyota’s. It is truly unique in how it works as it reads the signal from the Toyota’s remote receiver module to arm and disarm, it can also accept cobra remotes to command the alarm. Continue reading

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