Subaru Impreza such an easy target!

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It’s not often you get to catch a scum bag attempting to steal a car on camera, and when you do it’s shocking to see just how easy it is for them.

Pillar-less windows such as the ones on the Impreza make a car very easy to get into!

What is more disturbing was that the siren did not make any noise. As the video show this happened at 7pm and the Scum bag had a couple of mates lurking in the background acting as look outs. He came back for another crack at the car, smashed the steering lock, then gave up.

Fortunately the car had an alarm and a kill switch, but these took next to no time for me to get past today when I upgraded the system. My customer said he could no longer trust his Mongoose M60 it to protect the car, it was also annoying to live with so it had to go.

I’m actually surprised that the Scum bag did not get past this as it was way to easy, he’s bloody lucky to still have a car!

The Bulky M60 was simply cable tied above the pedals, (about 9/10 of installs I remove are like this) and both of the immobiliser cuts were on the Ignition loom.

Mongoose M60

As for the siren, which would “sometimes” work, well it was simply pathetic. There was no effort to hide it and there was even a plug attached to it so it could be unplugged! If you’re wandering what the marks on the siren are we came to the conclusion that a rat must have got into the engine bay and had a nibble!

Mongoose Siren!

Anyway. The Impreza now has a Cobra AK4138. The Ultrasonics will trigger the alarm if the Scum bag attempts to slip his arm through the window. The Sirens are loud and hidden, and the Immobiliser, which is small enough to hide in a spot that’s not easy to access and takes out some effective circuits.

As usual I’d love to to show everyone what I’ve done on the install, but this would compromise the job.

What I can say is that it is far more effective then what I could do with one of the so called “Star rated” alarms that the likes of Mongoose and AVS market as being the best!


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3 Responses to Subaru Impreza such an easy target!

  1. Lincoln says:

    I know one thing that I do if I am leaving my car anywhere for more than a day or so, is to unplug or disconnect the AFM/MAF as car will not run and is hard to pinpoint why. Just a cheap idea that helps.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    That works, but if some tosser decides to attempt to hotwire your car then it’s still going to be a mess when you get back!

  3. Paul says:

    Or unplug the Crank Angle sensor. Car will turn over but never start. Lol.

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