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The SS440 and SS440U are both rated as a NZSA 4 star and claim to be the cheapest insurance rated alarms in NZ. The U stands for shock sensor which is the only difference between the two models.

Feature wise it’s nearly identical to the Uniden VS1600XR and the Mongoose M60B, so much so that it’s very tempting to simply cut and paste the review! All have the very annoying “anti hot wire” feature that sets the siren off when attempting to start the car after the immobiliser has kicked in. If you don’t want to be despised by your neighbours then I’d suggest all three be avoided!

The Steal Shield SS440 & SS440UU

Steal Shield 4 star

The Security case is bulky and easy to open (just like the Mongoose and Uniden) which limits where it can be hidden on most cars. Once found there are 4 screws to undo and game over!

Easy over-ride!

Nearly all the SS440’s that I’ve serviced or removed have had the Over-ride pin number printed on the external case of the security housing which is a concern!


Note: The above Issue has now been fixed (See comments)

Still gets meets with AS/NZS standards!

Easy Remote Cloning

Steal Shield Remote

Another vulnerability the SS440 has is the ease in which it’s remotes can be copied without the owners knowledge, on the plus side at least they are not as common as some other brands!

RRP: SS440U: 399.00  SS440: $349.00

Insurance Approved: NZSA 4 star

Obsessive Rating:
Fine if you don’t really care about how secure your car is or if your neighbours like you!

But it is cheap and may tick the box that your insurance company requires.



Standard Siren

Two 2 Button Remotes

Dual Immobiliser

Pin Over-ride

PDF iconSS440 User Manual

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9 Responses to Steal Shield SS440, SS440U

  1. Jono says:


    My car came fitted with this alarm, and I’m glad its not too bad and i wont have to get a better alarm installed! It does what it needs too and doesn’t randomly go off like some Mongoose equivalents ive had in the past.

    Was just wondering which way increase and decreases shock sensor sensitivity.


  2. Julian says:

    Hi Jono,

    The Shock sensor should be separate to the main alarm module and will be adjustable with a small screw driver.
    Turn clockwise to increase sensitivity, and anti clockwise to decrease, or unplug it 🙂

  3. Julian says:

    I replaced a Warlocks WAR3500 today (which is a re-branded Steal Shield SS440) with a new Steal Shield alarm and note that the over-ride number is no longer on the outside of the case, and that the immobiliser case now features security screws.

    Good to see that these weaknesses have been addressed.

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  5. Shane says:

    Got this alarm installed yesterday. The installer is a M8 of mine who has been doing alarms for 6 years. He said for the money, this alarm is very good, the immobilisers offer better security than other low cost alarm systems and will continue to work even if the alarm has been ripped out.

    Just do not get the alarm installed directly under the steering column, you wanta place that is harder to access and takes longer than 30 seconds to reach. Thieves don’t want to spend any longer pissing around trying to find the alarm module.

    Park the car with empty glovebox and center console open, nothing left in the car.
    Never had a problem, friends who have had cars broken into, none had alarms…….

  6. Brook says:

    Hi there, Can i purchase a spare Steal Shield SS440 Remote? Thanks!

  7. Julian says:

    I don’t stock the SS440 so can’t supply you with a remote.

  8. David Kilburn says:

    Hi Julian, Can the Warlocks remote also be cloned then? This would be a better alternative than getting a remote from them would it not? Thanks, David.

  9. Julian says:

    Hi David,

    From what I recall the SS440 remote was a rolling code system so you’d need the right remote to program to the alarm. As Warlocks are no longer in business I don’t rate your chances of getting a replacement. Your best bet would be to replace the alarm with a decent system.

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