SsangYong Actyon Sports Upgrade Alarm

The SsangYong Actyon was probably one of the ugliest vehicles ever made until it received a face-lift in 2012. Well, that’s my humble opinion and it offends me enough not to put a photo up, but feel welcome to do a Google search if you have a sick bag handy!

Anyway, it’s a Ute that comes with an immobiliser, keyless entry, and factory alarm. The thing is the factory alarm is rather basic and can be improved.

SsangYong Car Alarm

Facelift Actyon Sports Ute

The factory alarm has door and bonnet protection and a rather muffled horn. The following video shows it in action.

I highly recommend the Cobra AK4615 which gives you a hidden battery back-up siren, a louder horn, and Ultrasonic Sensors. Optional Reed Switch or PIR Sensor can be added if the Ute is fitted with a hard lid or a canopy.

It’s one of the more interesting vehicles electrically and took some cunning (head scratching and cussing) to make the Cobra function as it should do. Still with all struggles comes the satisfaction of knowing the alarm work flawlessly, plus it is another vehicle added to my ever-growing database.

Here are some photos of the install.

SsangYong Car Alarm

Alarm works with the factory remote controls

Alarm LED Over-ride pin Switch


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