Smoke Machine – Refill Canisters now available

Smoke Machine Refill Canster

Refillable Smoke Machine Canister 🙂

Whilst a smoke machine can be a great way of scaring the scum bags of this world away from your wheels, the truth is that most of us would prefer if it was never put to the test.

The reality is that the only time that my smoke machine sees any action is when I’m playing with it.

I simply can’t resist the urge to set it off!

The Credex VGS Smoke Machine only comes with one canister which is good for about fifteen 20 second blasts of fog. Replacements are not easy to come by, plus tend to be expensive.

Refillable Smoke Machine Canister

The good news is, I now have a refillable canister so can now be as smoke happy as I like.

The new canister has a cap that can be unscrewed to pour in more fog juice, then is simply pressurised to 50 PSi using a bike pump. Too easy :mrgreen:

Below is a recent photo of the Smoke Machine in action. Check out the YouTube clip of the Smoke Machine in the Obsessive Go-Kart

Refill your car smoke machine

Smoke Machine in Action

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2 Responses to Smoke Machine – Refill Canisters now available

  1. Franco says:

    I have a motorcycle trike that is customize and it has a container dad blows out blue smoke or any color smoke I just purchased this motorcycle and I do not have information, On the refill, on can you help me?

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Franco,

    If you are in NZ then give me a call or fill your details in on the contact me page of the website rather then making your details public. Note I do not offer international sales or support.


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