Respecting Work Hours

Chained to Cell Phone? Not Me…

The curse of having a cell phone…

I actually miss the old days of only having a landline phone, not because I’m nostalgic, but because people understood that you’ve left the premises and that they could not contact you until working hours resumed.

Now, most people respect that I, along with most other small business owners actually need to have time off and have a life. Thank you, I’m genuinely grateful for your custom and support.

Sadly not everyone gets it. I’m not sure if the select few are just selfish and thoughtless, or simply a victim of modern 24/7 society. Either way, I’m not impressed when my voicemail message that clearly states my work hours gets ignored and they phone again and again, or a demanding needy message is left.

Let me explain why I need time off: (For those who don’t get it!)

My spare time is precious to me, like most healthy souls, I enjoy doing none work stuff outside of work hours.

Time off is really important to reduce stress levels, it is also beneficial for both mental and physical health. Don’t take my word for it, do a Google search and understand just how detrimental excessive work hours and not switching off can be for you.

Having time off keeps me fresh, invigorated and performing at the top of my game. You want great service right?

On top of this, I enjoy plenty of activities where having a cell phone, or reception is simply not possible. I often choose to leave the phone at home, say I go for a run or a ride, stopping to find my phone simply kills the moment so I don’t have it on me. There are other places like cinemas or restaurants where it’s simply rude to use one.

Hopefully, you’ve got the point by now. If you haven’t then I suggest that you need to learn to respect others and take a good look at yourself. An attitude change will probably improve your relationships with others too!

Sending an SMS starting with Hi sorry to bother you out of hours but…. translates to I have no respect for you or your time…

But my car alarm is going off!

Read your alarmĀ user manual, find out how it works and use your over-ride pin code if you have it. Check the troubleshooting section of the blog. If that does not work then flick me an email or fill in the contact form and I’ll respond when I can. Or wait until I’m open before making that call.

Remember, I’m not the AA, you don’t pay me annual membership fees to be “on call”.

Finally… I get it, I know you want your car working as quickly as possible, but please be respectful. If I get annoyed about being hassled you’ll end up at the back of the queue. I know you are stressed out, but you can still be nice as super pushy people are ones I’d rather not deal with.

Note: If you’ve sent you this post as an email or SMS link it is because you have contacted me outside of hours. Please don’t be offended, but note that my work hours are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.


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  1. Avatar Aaron woodcock says:

    I totally agree with you there and try not to bother anyone unless I really have to after hours. I get the same thing at work here and it got so bad I had to get a second cell phone number for personal.

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