Replacement Alarm Remote Controls

What is needed to get a replacement remote?

First off you need to be in New Zealand. I’m happy to help those of you outside of Wellington, but do not offer international shipping.

Next, I need to know which make and model of alarm remote you have. The days of universal remote controls are long gone. I either have the remote you are after or I don’t.

If you already know which one you need then fill in the contact form. I’ll respond with an email including payment instructions.

The Remote Page has photos to make it easy

If you don’t know which remote you want then check out the remote page of the website. It’s much easier than playing the “It’s black and has two buttons” game!

On the PC version of the site, scroll down the page and all the details are displayed.

Below the brand logo, you can read what you’ll need to be able to program a new remote.

The Smartphone version of the site is simply imaged based to make things faster. Click on the remote name for the drop-down text which has links to any relevant info you may need.

If it is not one of the remote controls that I have listed then the best I can do is remove or replace your alarm or supply you with a keyless entry system (You’ll need to be in Wellington). You’re more than welcome to flick me an email or SMS with a photo of your existing remote (assuming you have one) and I’ll do my best to help you, but please note that I may not be able to supply you with a replacement.

Do you have a working remote or know your over-ride pin number?

If you have a working remote then coding a new remote is often easy. However, some alarms require the security PIN number to allow access to program a new remote (See Cobra and Autowatch). This prevents someone who has access to your car from coding their own remote without your knowledge and using it to disarm your alarm at a later date.

If you don’t have working remote and the alarm/immobiliser is armed then I will need your over-ride PIN number (unless it is a basic alarm with an over-ride switch).

Your Over-ride PIN number

It’s a good idea to find out what your over-ride pin number is. This will make coding a new remote control easier which will save you money.

It will also allow you to use the car in the event of a failed or lost alarm remote. If you don’t know what your PIN number is then it is often found inside the security case of the immobiliser.

Some alarm makes such as Uniden and AVS are often left on the default PIN number. Whilst I won’t publish them these are common knowledge by installers and probably car thieves alike.

Dynatron NZ keeps a record of their installs so I can often get a PIN number by making a phone call and giving them the vehicles registration or serial number.

I also keep a record of all Obsessive installs regardless of brand so if you are one of my customers’ things are easy. In the event that a new remote cannot be programmed, I can remove or replace the alarm/immobiliser and get the car started.

Purchasing and Payment

Let me know what remote you are after and I will email you an invoice with my account details. Once the payment has cleared and I’m provided with a postal address I will send the remote to you via courier.

Please note: Bank clearance times and courier delivery times are beyond my control. I also need time to process things myself as I do not spend all working hours in the office!


What do I need to get a new remote coded?

I will need access to your car (ideally with a working battery) and I will also need your existing remote controls. Some alarms delete old remote controls in the coding process.

My remote control has been stolen. Can it be deleted?

Yes, so long as it is one of the alarms I deal with.

The LED on my remote lights up, but the car will not respond. Why is this?

More often then not it’s a case of the car battery being flat!

Can I purchase a universal remote?

No, nearly all remote controls are rolling code rather than fixed code so the correct make and model remote must be coded to the alarm system.

I don’t live in Wellington, can you post a remote to me?

If you are in NZ then no problem but note that the remote will still need to be coded to your car. I recommend that you purchase a remote from someone who is local and offers this service.

Can I supply original equipment remotes? (Ford/Toyota, etc)

No, you will need to go to a dealership or possibly an automotive locksmith for these, however, I can supply and install a new keyless entry system or remote immobiliser/alarm on most cars which normally works out to be a much more affordable option.

Can I repair remote controls?

Yes, replacement cases are available for most remotes, I can also replace broken switches on some systems too.

I have a number printed on the back of my remote. If I tell you it will you know which model it is?

No, whilst I’ll confess to being a geek, I’m not an autistic calculator. Check the remote page of the website, it’s a far easier way to identify which model you have!

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15 Responses to Replacement Alarm Remote Controls

  1. rod hayward says:

    i need replacement cases for my single button remote i have two and the case button is broken on both if i can invest in a new 2x cases or even 2 x buttons it would be appreciated thanmk rod

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Rod,

    Please forgive me for not being telepathic, but it would be really helpful if you included the information about which remote you actually have.
    Check out the remote page if you’re not sure:

  3. Hi Julian:
    My remote looks different from the models on your picture page but Jenny, at said it could be a Dynatron. A fresh battery restored function yesterday, but seemingly only after I straightened the bent LED on the circuit board edge. And the white plastic switch, “SW1” is mechanically flawed, and seems to lack the spring compression of the red plastic “SW2”.
    Could you please help me identify it?
    I’ve put photographs of the case front, back, and circuit board(which says “R 10” on its back in a folder at
    Thank you.
    Lee Hinkleman

  4. Julian says:

    Hi Lee,

    It is a Dynatron TX-10. Looks like the switch has been replaced in the past as it is a different colour from the other one.

  5. Reg West says:

    I need an additional remote for the Cobra alarm system fitted to my Motorhome in the UK in November 2010.
    It looks like either your AT-777 or AKG198.
    I have the “Upgrade Serial Number ‘, and the PIN.
    Is this possible, and at what approximate cost?
    Reg West

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Reg,

    Best to email me in private about sales and vehicle details. Best way to do this is to fill in the contact form so I’ll have your details and know where you are located.


  7. jolene harris says:

    Hi there I have the dynatron/ blue and I need a replacement casing could u plz send me prices for replacement and spare also where are you based
    Thank you

  8. Julian says:

    Hi Jolene,

    Best to contact me here rather then posting all your details in public. (I’ve edited your phone #)

    As the contact page shows I’m based in Wellington.

    A replacement TX-11 case is $25.00

  9. Billy says:

    Hello Julian,
    Currently having an issue with what appears to be a Mongoose MRC60 alarm – the battery is only lasting approximately 4-5 days before going flat! Whilst it’s not a major issue as the batteries only cost $3 – I’m about to sell the car and would like to sell it with a properly working remote. Any advice??



  10. Julian says:

    Get a new remote and take the battery out of the faulty one and keep it as a backup remote.

  11. Hamish MacDonald says:

    I there I just brought a car off has got a uniden alarm in it but there are no remotes to work it.a fuse in i engine bay by siren has been pulled out to stop it working,I put one in it and it started to go is in possible to get some to be able to use alarm.cheers hamish

  12. Julian says:

    Hi Hamish,

    That all depends on which model Uniden alarm you have. If it’s one that takes a 3 button remote then you should be able replacement remote controls from Repco.

    What car is it in? If the alarm can be defeated by removing the fuse then I’d suggest getting a better system.

  13. Lia Lautusi says:

    Hi Julian,
    I have two AVS surfboard remotes with cracked casings and wondering about the price for new casings for both. Everything else works fine.


  14. Julian says:

    Hi Lia,

    They are $19.00 each.

  15. Julian says:

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