Remote Boot Pop/Trunk Release

Boot PopI often get asked to explain what the boot pop or trunk release feature on alarm is for so I thought I’d clarify with a quick post.

It’s quite simply having the ability to pop the boot, or release the boot catch with the remote control.

For many cars this feature is not going to be an option. If your boot unlocks with the main doors and has an external handle or button to open it, then this would be a pointless. However for other vehicles it can be extremely useful.

Take my Honda Beat for example. The only way to open the boot is to insert the key into the lock. Pressing a button on the remote control is so much easier then fumbling around trying to fit the key into the lock.

To make this happen I installed a boot release actuator and wired it up to the Cobra alarm system. The actuator attaches to the lock rod inside the boot lid and pulls the rod when the alarms remote button is pressed.

Boot Release Kit

Boot Release Actuator Kit

Some vehicles already have a built in actuator so there is no need to fit an additional one.

Boot release button

Boot release button

If you have a button on the dash or on the drivers door then it it fairly obvious that the car has one, however not all cars have a button.

Take the Toyota Altezza or Gen 6 Honda Accord Euro/Torneo for example. Both of these cars have built in boot pop, yet there is not button inside the vehicle.

Presumably there would be a button on the original remote control but more times then not this has long since been lost!

Boot release lever

Boot release lever

Both cars have a lever between the drivers seat and the door so unless you are in the know you probably won’t be aware that this is a feature that can be added to your car alarm (assuming it support this feature) for little to no extra cost to the total install.

Even if you don’t have factory boot pop, a actuator can be added to most vehicles and typically will cost about $140.00 have installed.

Remote Controls With Boot Pop

How each one works tends to differ between brands. Some work with a single press, others require an extended press and then there are systems that use a double press.

For all the systems I deal with I have it listed as a option if the alarm has it.

Here are some examples:

Cobra Boot pop

Cyclops Boot pop

Autowatch Boot Pop


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