Reed Switches

Micro Reed Switch

A reed switch is a none contact electronic switch that opens and closes as a magnet moves in and out of proximity. They are great for protecting opening zones where a conventional plunger switch would not be practical. Common uses are Ute canopy windows, Ute hard lids, and camper van doors.

The Magnet is generally fitted to the item that moves and the switch to the vehicle. If the magnetic contact is broken (magnet moves out of range) then the alarm triggers.

The are other uses, for example I have fitted one into the glove box of both the Obsessive Wagon and the Honda Beat so it turns on a LED to light up when open. As the magnet works through plastic it is totally hidden.

The following photos show one I installed on a Hard Lid of a Toyota Hilux recently:

Hilux Hard Lid open

Being a builders vehicle I knew there was a danger of the switch getting knocked off so made up a custom metal bracket to protect if from abuse.

Reed Switch

This video shows it in action. The alarm is a Cobra AK4218.

Autowatch make a wireless reed switch that works with some of their alarms.


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8 Responses to Reed Switches

  1. Avatar harry prasad says:

    perfect job done by Julian on my Hilux

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Thanks Harry,

    Great to know that you’re happy with the job. Super tidy Hilux and pleasure to work on.

  3. Avatar bruce says:

    how to much to install a pir sensor on the hard lid of a 2018 np300 rx? cheers

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Bruce,

    PIR sensors are more suited for canopies rather than lids.
    Please use the contact form for a quote as I’ll need to know some details first:

  5. Avatar Imogen says:

    Hi there. How much would this cost to instaff on hard kid of Bt50 thanks

  6. Avatar Joe says:

    Do you have a motion sensor for the back of my Hilux and can be monitored on my phone.

  7. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Joe,

    You would need a motion sensor, an alarm, and a pager/GPS tracker to achieve this.

    If you would like a quote then please use the contact form

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