R.I.P. Obsessive Wagon!

The Obsessive wagon has been a trusty steed over the past 5 years. Whilst it may not have got as much attention as the Honda Beat it certainly plays a more important role in the business.

Anyway, it was sad to see it end up in this state. But I have to confess to taking full responsibility for!

Munted WingroadOn the way to a call out in Thordon, I had managed to put a small dent in the front of the wagon. It happened when I nudged a BMW (No prizes for guessing what colour it was!).

On the bright side no one was hurt (well apart from so the damage that was done to my pride) and the insurance company have been good to deal with.

Well once it had all sunk in I remembered that I still had a customer to attend to. I grabbed my toolbox out of the boot, put it on my shoulder and walked into town. My wagon in the capable hands of the Wellington Police who arranged for a tow truck to take it home.

I soon got my customers remote control working and he kindly offered to give me a lift home. When I got back there was no sign of the wagon. I checked it’s location on the GPS, only to find it in Lyall Bay.

Total Towing

Kingford Smith StreetI then phoned the Police officer I left the wagon with. She confirmed that she had instructed Total Towing (the tow truck company involved) to deliver it to my address.

Next, I phoned Total Towing to ask them why my vehicle had not been delivered as instructed. They refused to respond to my question and demanded that I pay them $250.00 cash to have the car released from their yard.

I then asked why they had not made any effort to contact me, and pointed out that my phone number is clearly printed all over the car. Once again they ignored the question and said that I would not get my car back unless I paid them in cash.

In the end, I had no option but to comply with their demands. The rest of my tools were in the car and I needed them for work.

Total Towing

Total Towing, rude and obnoxious

The conclusion: Unless you like dealing with rude obnoxious tossers who think that extortion is a good way to do business then I don’t recommend the services of Total Towing. I have since written to the police to suggest that they stop recommending them too!



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10 Responses to R.I.P. Obsessive Wagon!

  1. Bernard says:

    I think being a rude obnoxious tosser is an attitude prerequisite for most towing companies!

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Most of them are not exactly known for having social skills, however at least the driver of the pink tow truck who finally took the wagon away last week was well spoken and polite.

    Think it’s a Porirua based outfit, but not sure.
    Maybe the pink is there to keep the testosterone levels under control?

  3. neil says:

    What pricks! The purple company is porirua towing and salvage, at my work we work with them very regulary and they are by the far nicest to work with.

  4. Vince says:

    I’d be complaining to the police and the consumerccommission as they were asked to take it to your address, not their yard.

  5. Julian Julian says:

    I’ve already wrote to the police district commander.
    They said that they have confirmed that the officer involved noted that the instructions were for Total Towing to deliver the vehicle to my address.

    Whilst one complaint may not stop them from using them it will certainly be put into consideration the next time they review who they use.

  6. James says:

    Unbelievable. They clearly ignored the instructions in order to make $250.00, I would take them to the disputes tribunal to recover that.

    I’ve used Dave Ward Towing numerous times and they’re courteous and professional.

    They make an effort to ensure they don’t rip my front bumper and sump when lifting the Evo up onto the deck

  7. Julian Julian says:

    My insurance company paid me back the $250.00, however I wrote to them to keep them in the loop and they agreed the fee was excessive.

    Good to know Dave Ward Towing are decent guys.

  8. John says:

    Bad luck mate. On to the next work wagon and obsessive install.

  9. Julian Julian says:

    Thanks, I’ll do a write up on the new wagon soon. A 2006 Nissan Wingroad.
    Any guesses as to what type of security install it’s getting?

  10. wang says:

    Dave ward towing I had felt with too and they took good care of my skyline. Harbour city towing are pricks too. Avoid them

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