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This review guide is simply to clarify how I intend to evaluate any alarm or other security product. Firstly what I say is only my opinion, if you feel that what I have said has been unfair or inaccurate than please feel free to comment. It is my aim to keep this blog honest and informative so if I have got something wrong then please let me know and I’ll update the post. I make the effort to update each post as and when any new relevant information becomes known to me. In other word the post may well have been updated since the date of publication.

What you’ll find with the reviews is a unbiased critique which you’re never going to get from a alarm manufacturer. It is not always in their interest to list the features that the alarm does not have, or to highlight the weak spots. I’m lucky that I’m in a situation where I can be honest and impartial.

If you have had a good or bad experience with a reviewed product please feel welcome to add your comments as they may well help others.

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5 Responses to Product review guide lines

  1. Avatar Jan Christian says:

    Hi there!

    i would like to ask about your opinions regarding the Steelmate 888m 2-way car alarm? Pros and cons of a 2-way alarm?

    been searching on the net about this kind of alarm but it seems really cant find my luck.

    ive been reading yr blog for the past few months and learned heaps on it!

    btw, im a honda lover aswell. nice beat! pretty rare in the country.

    thanks in advance


  2. Avatar Julian says:

    Hi Jan,

    Can’t say that I’m a fan of Steelmate, it falls into the cheap crap from China box. That said it could still be as effective as some of the so called “5 Star” systems if installed well!

    Whilst I’m sure the two way remote could be useful I’d sleep better knowing that I had a good immobiliser fitted and a bloody loud siren.

    Good to know that You’ve found the blog useful 🙂


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  4. Avatar Matthew Brown says:

    Hey Julian, I have been reading your blogs for the last couple of weeks. Had my car broken into 3 times in 2 weeks. Im looking at car alarms and luckily for reading this ill stay away from mongoose and AVS. Im only working part time at the moment as im studying so looking for a budget to mid range car alarm youd recommend. Ill be installing it (training to be auto electrician) my budget is maximum of $250 would prefer something less but ill spend that if neeeded.
    Thanks Matt

  5. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Matt,

    To make any recommendations I would need to know what car you have. Does your car have a factory transponder immobiliser? Do you want an alarm that works from an existing remote etc… This is why I ask people to use the website contact form.

    Note that I only sell alarms with installation so the systems I recommend are unlikely to be available to you for a DIY installation.

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