Obsessive Pricing

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How much do you charge for an install?

That depends on what vehicle you have, what type of security system you require and if you have any specific requirements.

It’s important that you get the most suitable system for your vehicle. For example I see way to many installers fitting immobilisers to vehicles that already have one! Probably because they are too lazy or incompetent to check, or are simply dishonest and want your cash!

Approximate cost of an install?

To give you a good idea on what a standard install price will be, the recommended retail pricing for most security systems can normally be found at the end of each product review. This includes installation and GST.

Remote Prices

Whilst all prices stated in this blog were correct at the time of publication and include installation on most standard vehicles (Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, etc), please understand that I treat each job on it’s individual requirements so prices can vary.

Quotes are Commitment Free

For an individual quote please contact me with your vehicle details and request. I’ll respond with some options and pricing that will suit your individual needs.

Please note: I only sell systems with installation and do not not offer international sales.

All quotes are valid for 3 calendar months.


P.S. I make no effort to price match as most competitors “cheaper quotes” normally result in a shocking installation. If I’m going to take on your job then it will be done correctly, or not at all! So please don’t waste your time asking me to drop my standards to match a half arsed installation 🙂