Please use the contact form for enquiries

Let me explain why I prefer you to contact me using the Enquiry Form rather than asking me for a quote via SMS, or sending me a direct email with limited information.

First off, having all enquiries in one place makes things much easier to manage.

The Enquiry Form has been designed to make sure I get enough information to be able to help you. I need details such as your location and vehicle specification. This makes the whole process much quicker.

Keeping Your Security Details Private

The Obsessive Blog comments are open for everyone to see. It’s not a great idea to tell the whole world about the security flaws your vehicle has!

I’m not a fan of SMS conversations

I’m not a big fan of SMS messages. It’s much easier to have a phone conversation or to send links and quotes via a PC. It also allows me to switch off outside of work hours.

I’m not on Facebook all the time!

My Facebook page message box has auto-reply with a link to the Contact Form.

Workload Filter

I get a crazy amount of requests from overseas (& Auckland). Many are from people who have no idea where New Zealand is, let alone Wellington! Whilst I love being helpful, I’m also trying to run a business.

Respecting your details

I detest spam, so I promise not to put you on any mailing list as this is something I would not wish to get myself. (I know some people view this as marketing but I don’t and normally make a point to avoid people who use such tactics). Pushy salesmen are also on my dislike list too so I guarantee that you will not be hassled to make a decision.

You are also welcome to give me a phone call. (During work hours of course)

Thanks for understanding.

About Julian

Owner and Installer at Obsessive Vehicle Security Limited. More details here... Please keep Comments relevant to the post and use the Contact form for enquiry's
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