Car Window Closure Options

It’s easy to forget to close your car windows. Having them automatically roll up when you lock your car is a great feature and I have a number of car window closure options that can make this happen.

Comfort Closure

The first is the Comfort Closure Module from Author.

It is a super small CAN-BUS system with just 4 wires. A list of the compatible vehicles can be found here…

Viper 535T Window Closure

The Viper 535T is a universal system that can be fitted to most cars. Here is an install which I wired up to work with a basic Autowatch alarm that only has a one-button remote.

Built-in Window Closure

Some European car, especially the German ones, will roll the windows up and down with the key held in the door lock. For these vehicles, I can often include window closure at no extra cost when the right alarm is fitted.

One of the great things with the Cobra AK4698 and AK4138 is how versatile they are. Both alarms can be programmed for instant window closure (as shown in the video below) or controlled closure.

With controlled closure you keep the lock button on the remote pressed to wind the windows up. If you only want to half close them then you simply let go of the lock button before they are fully closed.

Mirror Folding

Does your car has electric folding mirrors? I can make them fold in when the car is locked with the remote. If your alarm has an Auxiliary output then this can also be used to command the windows and the mirrors.

Adding an Auxiliary Output to your Factory Remote

I can add a Double Tap Module to add an Auxiliary output to your factory remote:

Remote Double Tap Module

If interested in these features then simply ask and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

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New Toyota Corolla Alarm

The new 2018 Corolla Hatchback comes in 3 models. The entry-level GX has remote locking with an ignition key. The SX and ZR both come with a smart key and push to start button. The ZR also has a very basic factory alarm system that honks the horn.

For those who want to add an alarm, or wish to improve on the ZR system, I highly recommend the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS Alarm. I tested the alarm on the car last week and can confirm it works 🙂

The firmware and fitting instructions are not on the Vodafone Automotive website yet, but I have all the information needed myself.

Testing the New Corolla

It’s always interesting ripping a new car apart for the first time and getting familiar with it.

New Toyota Corolla Alarm Installation

It’s a time-consuming exercise finding the best mounting locations and wiring points, but having good notes is a must if you want to do the job well.

Here are some shots of the alarm after the installation:

Black Ultrasonic sensors match the interior in the Corolla

Cobra LED Over-ride switch in the New Corolla

ADR Card option recommended for the SX and ZR push to start models

Having a smart key makes both the SX and XR vulnerable to keyless theft. Adding an ADR Card to the AK4615 would protect against this.

Window Closure

The Author Comfort Closure system works with the new Corolla and will roll the windows up when the remote lock button is pressed It will also vent the windows open if you press the unlock button 3 times.

I took the time to read the CAN-BUS data from the windows opening and closing. Hopefully Vodafone Automotive can use it in the official firmware for the alarm. It would be great if the alarm disables the ultrasonic sensors if a window is left open.

I’ll update this post when it happens.

The previous generation Corolla Hatchback alarm options are covered here…

Toyota Corolla/Auris Alarm Options

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Author COMFORT Closure

Author Alarm

The Author COMFORT Closure Module can close your cars Windows and Sunroof, plus fold your mirrors when you press the lock button on your factory remote. The Comfort module is wired to the Vehicle CAN-BUS system so is quick to install and has minimal wiring.

The IGLA Anti Theft Immobiliser has COMFORT included.

Functions vary depending on the vehicle.

COMFORT Window Closure:

All windows will close upon locking the doors with the remote. Sunroof will also close where fitted *depending on the vehicle.

COMFORT Window Venting:

Pressing the Unlock button on the factory remote 3 times will vent the windows as shown below:

Side Mirror Folding:

For vehicles that already have electric folding mirrors. If this function is not supported by the CAN-BUS then it may still be possible to fold the mirrors by adding additional relays *may cost extra for labour and parts.

For full details check out the website.

A full list of compatible vehicles can be found here…

Author COMFORT RRP: $400.00

  • Window Closure
  • Window Venting
  • Sunroof Closure
  • Mirror Fold

For vehicles not listed the Viper 535T could be a good option.

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Wrapping car keys in tinfoil?

Why wrapping car keys in tinfoil may be a dumb idea!

Last week I had a paranoid customer tell me that she had taken to wrapping her car keys in tin foil. She was doing this to prevent car thieves from reading her remote code after reading an article on

Smart Keys and Dumb Journalist

Her car key was a good old-fashioned remote key like the one pictured in the Stuff story. It is not a smart key and will only transmit when the button on the remote is pressed.

The story is was about modern vehicle theft and how to prevent it from happening. Sadly it was not researched and is very misleading.

Regurgitated Fake News

The thing is most of the keyboard jockeys are simply regurgitating news stories from other sites without doing any research. They then publish the story and wonder why the term “fake news” has become such a common term!

Fake News, Tinfoil hats work!

Should you wrap your car key in Aluminium Foil?

It’s not just Stuff I’m having a pop at here, the internet is riddled with poor advice about protecting your car. It only takes a quick Google search to find images of car keys wrapped in tinfoil…

Relay attacks

Wrapping car keys in tinfoil

I explained to my customer how her remote key works and set her mind at ease, then promised to write a blog post about it.

To understand how a relay attack works have a read up on my blog post about modern vehicle theft methods. I’ve actually done some homework and double checked the facts before publishing the information.

Modern Car Theft Methods Explained

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Toyota Corolla Wagon Alarm/Immobiliser

The Toyota Corolla Wagon (with manual transmission) is one of the few new cars that does not come with an immobiliser as standard.

The Current Shape (E160) Corolla wagon was released in 2012. Only two models are available in New Zealand. Both are GX specification, one a CVT and the other a Manual Transmission

The Automatic with CVT comes with push to start and proximity smart key so has a factory immobiliser.

Manual version lacks an Immobiliser!

The manual transmission model is basic, it has keyless entry but does not come with an immobiliser. I’d recommend the Autowatch 573PPi transponder immobiliser for the manual as a minimum level of security.

Toyota Corolla Wagon Alarm/Immobiliser

Toyota Corolla Wagon (E160) 2012 >

For those wanting an Upgrade alarm, the Cobra AK4218 Toyota Alarm is an excellent choice.

Corolla Wagon GX CVT Security

The CVT version does have an immobiliser but having a push to start button and smart key makes it vulnerable to keyless theft.

For an Upgrade, alarm the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS Alarm is a good option. It may be worth adding an ADR Card too.

Here are some photos of how the alarm lools inside the car.

Cobra Ultrasonic Sensors in the Corolla Wagon

Cobra LED Over-ride button in the Corolla

Comfort Closure

If you want your windows to close when the Corolla is locked the Authors Comfort Module is recommended. Here is how it works:

More details about Comfort Window Closure can be found here…

Consider an OBD BLOCK to protect against key cloning.

E140 Corolla Wagon (2006-2012)

2006-2012 Corolla Wagon (E140)


The previous generation Corolla Wagon also lacked any form of Alarm or Immobiliser.

New Zealand was the only country other than Japan to get this car, hence the lack of security.

Again I recommend the Autowatch 573PPi as a minimum level of protection. Both the Cobra AK4218 and Cobra AK4615 are excellent alarm options for this car

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OBD BLOCK from Author

Author Alarm Systems

OBD BLOCK from Author Alarm protects your cars OBDII (On-Board Diagnostic) connector from unauthorised access.

OBDII scan tools were originally intended for use by the dealership and automotive locksmiths. These allowed access to the vehicle’s software. For example, a scan tool could send a command to start the vehicle or to program a new remote key.

In recent years scan tools have become very affordable and easy to get hold of. The OBD BLOCK prevents intruders from gaining access to the vehicle’s software via the OBDII connector.

Author OBD Block NZ

How does it work?

The OBD BLOCK consists of a digital relay which is installed into the vehicles wiring and a unique digital key.

Unique Digital Key

There is no visible indication that the digital relay is fitted. The OBDII can then only be used with the unique digital key. This can be handed over to an approved technician when access to the OBDII is legitimately required.

The Unique Digital Key adaptor simply plugs into the OBDII connector and the scan tool plugs into the other end.

Unique Digital Key allows access to the OBDII Connector

The digital relay will re-connect the diagnostic circuit only when the unique digital key is in place.

OBD Block

Installed Price: $400.00

Obsessive Rating:
A simple solution to modern OBDII hacking methods!

There is no way an intruder will know that it is fitted. Access to the vehicle’s software is denied.

More details about OBD BLOCK can be found on the IGLA Antitheft Website…

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Toyota Prius Alarm Options

Toyota Prius Alarm

The Gen 3 Toyota Prius comes with a factory immobiliser, keyless entry and push-to-start button. It does not come with an alarm.

I recommend the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm which works with the factory remote.

I can also add an Auther Comfort module which will close all the windows automatically upon the car being locked.

Toyota Prius Alarm

Here is a video of the Comfort module in action:

The Prius remote is semi-smart, as in it allows push to start, but does not offer proximity locking.

Prius Remote

The Prius has push-to-start but no proximity locking

Some photos of the alarm installed in the Prius:

Toyota Prius Security

Cobra LED over-ride switch in the Prius

Toyota Prius Alarm

Ultrasonic Sensors in the Prius

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Nissan Maxima Upgrade Alarm

In my opinion, the best Nissan Maxima upgrade alarm is the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS upgrade alarm made by Vodafone Automotive. It works flawlessly with the factory remote.

The Nissan Maxima already has a factory fitted immobiliser and keyless entry so has a reasonable level of security as standard.

The Cobra is the only CAN-BUS alarm I recommend for most Nissan models, that said it’s also possible to make any OEM upgrade alarm work with this car.

If you don’t have the Nissan Remote then a Remote Upgrade alarm is also possible, as is a new keyless entry system.

Nissan Maxima Upgrade Alarm

Nissan Maxima (A34) 2004-2008

Why do I list the Maxima when others don’t?

It’s quite common for me to come across vehicles that are not listed on the Vodafone Automotive website. The Nissan Maxima is one of these, so I have to test the vehicle myself, take notes and make sure the software is going to work.

Once I’m happy I add the car to my list of Compatible cars.

Cobra Alarm Installation Details

Below are some photos of how the alarm looks when installed:

Ultrasonic Sensors fitted in the Nissan Mamima

Ultrasonic Sensors in the Maxima

Cobra Alarm LED

Cobra LED over-ride switch in the Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima Car Alarm

Alarm works with the factory Nissan Remote or a Cobra Remote Control

Also works with the (A35)  Nissan Maxima 2009-2014

Nissan Maxima (A35) 2009-2014

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Best Car Alarm in New Zealand?

You’re after the Best Car Alarm, so why do I not recommend the “Big Names”?

Here is a recent email which is all too common:

Message: Hi, have been reading through some of your posts and see that you have flawed a lot of the big name brands.

Thanks ******

I thought I’d explain the misconception as most of the “Big Brands” I do actually rate. It’s important to understand what a big brand is and look at the bigger picture. I tend to recommend big global brands as opposed to small New Zealand brands.

New Zealand is effectively a very small goldfish bowl in a big world

Best Car Alarm in New Zealand?

Big Fish, Small Bowl Syndrome!

I know, everyone in New Zealand seems to sell AVS and Mongoose, because if you ask your local car audio shop who makes the best car alarm then you’ll probably hear one of those names. The thing is, you won’t find them for sale outside NZ and Australia?

Put in simple terms, they don’t meet international standards. It’s just that they’ve simply done a good marketing job here in little old NZ. Besides which, most car audio shops are not alarm experts.

There is a very thin line between marketing and bullshit. Because we don’t look at the facts and see that AVS are just re-branded Rhino-Co alarms and Mongoose systems are mainly made in Taiwan or China.

The Best Systems Meet International Standards

The main brands I tend to recommend are Cobra (Vodafone Automotive), Autowatch and Viper. Because these brands meet international standards you’ll find in many other countries.

Which is The Best Car Alarm?

As for which alarm is the best? Well, that really depends on what vehicle you have and what your budget is. Becuase we all have different requirements its best to find out which car you have and treat it on a case by case basis. This is why I like the details to be filled in on the contact page.

Arguably the most important factor is the installation. It’s almost impossible to install a crap alarm to a high standard. This is explained in the review section of the website where you can find my opinions on most alarms and how effective they are.

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Toyota Previa Upgrade Alarm

The current generation Toyota Previa (XR50) has been in production since 2006. It comes with a factory transponder immobiliser and keyless entry, but no alarm.

Two good Toyota Previa alarm options

For the models with a normal remote key, I highly recommend the Cobra AK4218 Toyota Upgrade alarm which works flawlessly with Toyota Remote.

For the higher spec model with the proximity smart key and push to start button the Cobra AK4615 CAN-BUS alarm is a great option.

Toyota Previa 2006-

The AK4218 perfectly with the Toyota remote key which makes it very user-friendly and effective.

A second press of the lock button on the remote disables the Ultrasonic Sensors.

The alarm comes with the Cobra 4310 siren as well as horn honk so is super loud should someone break in.

The AK4615 works with the smart key version

Both alarms share the same components. The following photos show how it looks in the vehicle:

Cobra Ultrasonic Sensors look tidy in the Previa

Easy Emergency Over-ride 

The PIN code over-ride can be customized to any 4 digit number so the alarm can be disarmed if the remote battery fails. The following Video shows how it works:

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